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Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied Minors quotes

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Charlie Goldfinch

View Quote Spencer: I would like a table for one in the "no little sisters" section, please.
Restaurant Hostess: Aren't you a little young to be flying by yourself?
Spencer: Not at all.
View Quote Spencer: Nachos! My mom never lets me eat those, you know, so an order of those. She's banned all sodas from the house, so extra-, extra-, extra-large root beer.
Restaurant Hostess: My mom never let me eat mozzarella sticks.
Spencer: Mine either. Two orders. On to dessert, huh?
Restaurant Hostess: You don't have a tapeworm, do you?
View Quote [in the air vents]
Donna: It's really small in here.
Charlie: I know! It's great, isn't it?
Grace: [annoyed] Charlie, just because you compensate for your abandonment issues by squeezing yourself into small, womb-like spaces doesn't mean everybody else does. [everyone stares at her] What? My mom's a psychologist.
View Quote [Valerie is with her sister Judie in her extravagantly decorated house]
Judie: [digging through a bowl of candy] Hmm, I think bought defective M&M's. You know, some of these are W's. [Valerie looks depressed] Oh c'mon, Val, lighten up! It's Christmas. I know that you're worried about the kids; they're gonna be fine. It's Christmas eve, we're gonna do more decorating...
Valerie: No, no, Judie. You don't have any more decorating to do.
Judie: Yes, I have to finish. I have six more boxes of lights in the garage!
Valerie: This is creepy...
Judie: You're just poisonous, aren't you? Thanks for being such a great sister.
View Quote [While waiting for news about their flight to Pennsylvania, Katherine makes a dejected face]
Spencer: Oh no, did you bite your tongue again?
Katherine: When I wrote to Santa, I forgot to tell him that we were gonna be at Dad's house, and it's all the way in Pennsylvania! How is he gonna find us now?
Spencer: Oh, you mean that Santa guy that you're scared of? Him? I mean, he's not even gonna... [Katherine looks worried. Spencer sighs] He'll find you. The Tooth fairy gave him directions. She works with NORAD.
[Katherine sighs in relief]
View Quote [Running out of the UM room] This goes against everything I believe in, but I gotta pee!
View Quote [to Donna after she kisses him] Wow! Man, you're so hot!
View Quote Oh man, Harvard's never gonna accept me with a police record! And I am not going to community college!