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Twister quotes

29 total quotes

View Quote Bill: Why can't we spend a normal day together?
View Quote Bill: Jonas! Son of a bitch!
Melissa: Who is that honey?
Bill: Jonas Miller. He's a nightcrawler. We all started out working in the same lab, but Jonas went out and got some corporate sponsors. He's in it for the money not the science. He has a lot of high tech gadgets, but he's got no instincts, and he doesn't have Dorothy.
View Quote Dusty: (after Jo and Bill drive through an explosion) Jo, Bill did you see that explosion?
Jo: We saw it.
View Quote Dusty: (realizes a tornado is coming) Jo, Bill, it's coming! It's headed right for us!
Bill: (staring at the nearby tornado with Jo and Mellisa) It's already here! (to everyone nearby) Everybody underground now!
View Quote Dusty: Bill, she just missed the truck!
View Quote Dusty: It's the wonder of nature baby!
View Quote Dusty: So we get this one near Daleton right?
Rabbit: Oh, god.
Dusty: And we are way to close. And Jo's got the vid on it right, she's filming it. And all of the sudden outta nowhere, this shitty lookin' green Valiant comes pulling up right in the way.
Beltzer: [points to Bill] And this loser stumbles out of the car, he's got like a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand...
Dusty: He is naked!
Rabbit: He is buck naked.
Beltzer: Naked!
Bill: NOT naked! [laughter] I was not naked!
Beltzer: [whispering into Melissa's ear] He was without apparel.
Bill: Half naked.
Dusty: Naked. Ok, so Jo's yelling at him to get out of the way, right? [laughter] And he just strolls up to the twister, says 'have a drink', and he chucks the bottle into the twister, and it NEVER hits the ground. The twister caught it, and sucked it right up!
Bill: Honey, this is a tissue full of lies. See, there was another Bill, an evil Bill, and I killed him.
View Quote Jo: (when Bill hesitates to drive towards a tornado) Have you lost your nerve?
Bill: (laughs) Tighten your seatbelt! (tightens Jo's seatbelt and drives down the ditch)
View Quote Jo: :[cow flies by in the storm] Cow.
Melissa: [On the phone] I gotta go Julia, we got cows.
Jo: 'Nother cow.
Bill: Actually I think that was the same one.
View Quote Jo: :[during an argument] Can I drive?
Bill: No!
Jo: Then will you? :[the truck is about to hit a tractor]
Bill: WOAH! [Swerves away] GODDAMN!
View Quote Jo: (after finding a barn full of sharp instruments) Oh my God, who are these people?!
Bill: I don't think so!
View Quote Jo: [After her truck is destroyed, looking over at Bill's truck] Do you have full coverage on that truck?
Bill: Liability only.
Jo: Liability only...Well, it's a very pretty truck.
Melissa: Thank you.
[Bill smiles and realizes what she is thinking]
Bill: Don't even think about it. [Jo looks at him] NO WAY.
View Quote Jo: Where's my truck? [Jo's truck falls from the sky in the way of Melissa. Melissa screams hysterically, while at the same time able to swerve around it] There it is.
Bill: Melissa?!
[Melissa stops the truck, panting and in shock. The rest of the team goes to meet her. Dusty is there first] Dusty: Did you just miss that truck? That's AWESOME! That's AWESOME!
View Quote Jo: Where's the road Rabbit?!
Rabbit: It should be any second!
(the group come out on the road a moment later and nearly crash into Jonas' convoy)
View Quote Mellisa: (after being caught in a tornado while chasing it) When you told me you used to chase tornados I always thought it was a metaphor!