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True Grit

True Grit quotes

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"Rooster" Cogburn
Mattie Ross
Multiple Characters
Ned Pepper
Ranger La Boeuf

View Quote I'm going! And it's not because you say I can't, and it's not because you say I can. I paid good cash money to be here, and I'm on my own business! Now, we'll have no more talk about it.
View Quote If I smelled as bad as you I wouldn't live near people.
View Quote If in four months I could not find Tom Chaney, with a mark on his face like banished Cain, I would not advise others how to do so.
View Quote If that girl don't stay healthy, you don't neither, understand? And you don't get paid!
View Quote It's a shame, a kid like Moon losing his leg. He's too young to be hoppin' around on a little peg. Loves to dance too much — and sports!
View Quote LaBoeuf, if you get crosswise of me you'll think a ton of brick had fell on you! You'll wisht you was back at the Alamo with Travis!
View Quote Most girls like little play-pretties. But you like guns, don't you?
View Quote Mr. Rat, I have a writ here that says you are to stop eating Cheng Lee's cornmeal forthwith. Now, It's a rat writ, writ for a rat, and this is lawful service of same! [to Mattie] See? He doesn't pay any attention to me. [BANG! he shoots the rat] You can't serve papers on a rat, baby sister. You either kill him or let him be.
View Quote My name is Mattie Ross, of Near Dardanelle in Yell County. My family owns property, and I don't know why I'm being treated like this!
View Quote Ned doesn't go around killing people for no reason. Had he a reason, he'd kill them.
View Quote Papa's marker is not what was ordered. I will make that wool-headed fool of a stone man change it.
View Quote Rooster Cogburn is no good friend of mine! He led us straight into your hands, and now he has left me with a gang of cut-throats! Is that what they call "grit" in Fort Smith? We call it something else in Yell County.
View Quote She draws him like a gun! (referring to Mattie's constant invocation of her lawyer's name)
View Quote The French is 'La Bourf'. I say 'La Beef'.
View Quote Those horses can't outrun Little Blackie! They're loaded down with fat men and iron!