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Mattie Ross quotes

View Quote I won't rest until Tom Chaney is barking in Hell.
View Quote If I smelled as bad as you I wouldn't live near people.
View Quote If in four months I could not find Tom Chaney, with a mark on his face like banished Cain, I would not advise others how to do so.
View Quote I also notice that the men of Texas gouge their mounts with great brutal spurs — and cultivate their hair like lettuce!
View Quote I want Tom Chaney hanged for killing my father! It's little to me how many dogs and senators he's killed in Texas.
View Quote Those horses can't outrun Little Blackie! They're loaded down with fat men and iron!
View Quote I'm going! And it's not because you say I can't, and it's not because you say I can. I paid good cash money to be here, and I'm on my own business! Now, we'll have no more talk about it.
View Quote My name is Mattie Ross, of Near Dardanelle in Yell County. My family owns property, and I don't know why I'm being treated like this!
View Quote Rooster Cogburn is no good friend of mine! He led us straight into your hands, and now he has left me with a gang of cut-throats! Is that what they call "grit" in Fort Smith? We call it something else in Yell County.
View Quote Papa's marker is not what was ordered. I will make that wool-headed fool of a stone man change it.
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