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Megatron: Starscream, I'm home.
Starscream: Lord Megatron, I was so relieved to hear of your resurrection.
Megatron: You left me to die on that pathetic insect planet!
Starscream: Only to help spawn our new army. The Fallen decries it. After all in your absence, someone had to take command.
Megatron: [slams Starscream against the wall and strangles him] So disappointing.
Starscream: [choking] Hatchlings, hatchlings! Careful, fragile.
Megatron: Even in death there is no command but mine. [scene cuts to Megatron meeting the Fallen] My master, I failed you on Earth. The AllSpark is destroyed and without it, our race will perish.
The Fallen: Oh, you have much to learn, my disciple. The Cube was merely a vessel. Its power, its knowledge can never be destroyed. It can only...transform.
Megatron: How is that possible...?
The Fallen: It has been absorbed by the human child. The key to saving our race now lies within his mind.
Megatron: Well, then, let me strip the very flesh from his body.
The Fallen: And you will, my apprentice, in time. For a millenia I have dreamt of my return to that wretched planet, where I too was once betrayed by the Primes I called my brothers. Only a Prime can defeat me and now only one remains.
Megatron: Optimus, he protects the boy.
The Fallen: Then the boy will lead us to him and revenge will be ours.
Megatron: Yes.
Starscream: The boy will not escape us. We have him in our sights. But without more Energon the hatchlings will keep dying.

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