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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction quotes

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Cade Yeager
Harold Attinger
Joshua Joyce
Lucas Flannery
Optimus Prime

View Quote Joshua: Threatening a professional CIA killer. Possibly not my finest hour. I’d like to have that one back.
Darcy: Killer? I thought they were your friends!
Joshua: No. Not friends. Business. They gave me this bomb.
Su Yueming: Bomb? Is there a bomb in the bag?
Darcy: Yes, there’s a bomb in the bag.
Su: shit.
View Quote Lockdown: I warn you, Mr. Attinger of Earth, an alliance is a contract, and contracts, like humans, expire.
Harold Attinger: On this planet, we have a saying. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"
Lockdown: I also have a saying. I. Don’t. Care.
Yeah but what's happens if you had feelings for someone? Cade: Took a hell of a hit, you know. The missile just missed your power source.
Optimus: We call it a Spark. It contains our life force and our memories.
Cade: Yeah, we call it a soul.
View Quote Lockdown: Much as I’ve enjoyed the hunt, I won’t miss you wretched planet. Our deal is done. One Prime for one Seed. Handle it with care. I trust your species is ready.
Savoy: Don’t worry about our species.
Lockdown: Farewell, Earth.
View Quote Lockdown: Where is my escaped bounty?
Attinger: Autobots at this location. Prime is close. Do whatever you have to do.
Lockdown: I intend to.
View Quote Lucas: Besides, you used my money to buy the truck, right? So technically, that’s my truck. Don’t you think?
Cade: You also signed a contract regarding all research lab I.P.
Lucas: Research lab? It’s a barn, dude.
Cade: You signed it and now you’re competing. Any idea of yours is mine. Any thought you have, I own it, so basically, I own you.
Lucas: I don’t think you can own someone. That was, like, a while ago, even in Texas.
View Quote Optimus: Cade, get out of here! This is my fight!
Lockdown: It’s my fight, and you’re all gonna die!
View Quote Optimus: Cade. Why are you willing to help me?
Cade: I guess maybe because you trust me to.
View Quote Optimus: There remains a price on my head. I endanger you all if I stay. I shall take it where it can never be found.
Cade: Will we ever see you again?
Optimus: Cade Yeager, I do not know. But whenever you look to the stars, think of one of them… as my soul. [To the Autobots] Defend this family, Autobots, as they have you. Defend. All they can be.
View Quote Optimus: They’re in trouble.
Crosshairs: Nah! This isn’t our fight! I’m done being an underdog. Underdogs suck! I say they get what they deserve. What’s the play, Prime?
Optimus: It’s time for reinforcements. [Enters the ship’s armory and approaches a sword] Recognize one of your Knights.
[Unsheathes the sword and then uses it to free Grimlock, who growls]
Optimus: [In Cybertronian] The legend exists.
View Quote Optimus: You have no soul!
Galvatron: That is why I have no fear!
View Quote Savoy: I’m seriously pissed we’re not getting paid for this.
Attinger: Well, at least we get to kill him.
View Quote Savoy: Never should have hidden that truck.
Cade: You should have never came after my family.
Savoy: Tough luck, Yeager. We all have family.
Cade: Yeah, but I’m gonna live to see mine.
View Quote Shane: This is crazy.
Cade: Look, you wanna cut and run, you better do it now. I’m gonna die trying.
Shane: Hey, I’m not here to help you get your daughter. You’re here to help me get my girlfriend.
View Quote Tessa Yeager: A truck? Dad, please tell me you didn’t spend our money on this.
Lucas: Oh, no, don’t worry, he didn’t. He spent my money. A hundred and fifty bucks of it.
Cade Yeager: As an advance on your regular paycheck.
Lucas Flannery: What regular paycheck?
View Quote Tessa: A truck? Dad, please. You can’t keep spending money on junk just so you can turn it into different junk.
Cade: We do not use the ‘J” word in here.