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The Towering Inferno

The Towering Inferno quotes

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Doug Roberts

View Quote (Jernigan is on a security phone just outside Doug Roberts' office)
Harry Jernigan Okay, what about the Eighty-First floor, you got everybody out of there?
(Jernigan glances to the elevator and sees Doug and firemen O'Halloran and Kappy enter)
Chief O'Halloran: (to Doug) I want to see all your floor plans, 81 to 85.
Doug Roberts: Gotcha.
(as Doug gathers his floor plans, O'Halloran points to the windows)
Chief O'Halloran: This is what I'm worried about, all those beams and glass.
View Quote (last lines)
Chief O' Hallorhan: You know we were lucky tonight. Body count's less than 200. You know, one of these days you're gonna kill 10,000 in one of these firetraps, and I'm gonna keep eating smoke and bringing out bodies until somebody asks us... how to build them.
Doug Roberts: (turns to look at the scorched upper floors of the Tower and then back to O'Halloran) Okay, I'm asking.
Chief O' Hallorhan: You know where to reach me. So long, architect.
View Quote (Roberts and O'Halloran meet outside the building as the fire department arrives)
Kappy: Chief, this is Roberts, the architect.
Chief O' Hallorhan: What do we got here Kappy?
Kappy: Fire started, 81st floor, storage room. This is a bad one. Smoke is so thick we can't tell how far it's spread.
Chief O' Hallorhan: What about your exhaust system?
Doug Roberts: Well it should have reversed automatically. It must have been a motor burn-out or something.
Chief O' Hallorhan: Sprinklers?
Doug Roberts: They're not working on 81.
Chief O' Hallorhan: Why not?
Doug Roberts: I don't know.
(Roberts, O'Halloran & Kappy enter the lobby)
Chief O' Hallorhan: Jim?
Firefighter: Yes sir.
Chief O' Hallorhan: Alright, give us a quick refresher on your standpipe system.
Doug Roberts: Well, we got outlets on every floor, both 3 1/2" inch.
Chief O' Hallorhan: GPM?
Doug Roberts: 1500 from Ground to 68, 1000 from 68 to 100 and 500 from there to the roof.
Chief O' Hallorhan: Alright, you sure these elevators are programmed for emergency service?
Doug Roberts: These two are.
Chief O' Hallorhan: What floor do you keep your plans on?
Doug Roberts: 79, my office.
Chief O' Hallorhan: That's good, that's 2 floors below the fire. Alright, that'll be our Forward Command. Alright men, take up the equipment. Alright, let's go. (Roberts, O'Halloran, Kappy and a fireman board the elevator for the 79th floor)
Chief O' Hallorhan: Ok. Phew...architects.
Doug Roberts: Yeah, it's all our fault.
Chief O 'Hallorhan: Now you know there's no sure way for us to fight a fire in anything over the 7th floor. But you guys just keep building them as high as you can.
Doug Roberts: Hey, are you here to take me on, or the fire?
View Quote (Roberts emerges from the elevator into his office)
Will Giddings: Did you find Simmons?
Doug Roberts: Yeah, I found him......
Will Giddings: Well did he or didn’t he change your specs?
Doug Roberts: He didn’t admit it, but two bucks will get you ten he did.
Will Giddings: Payoffs and kickbacks, that’s the only way he could have swung it (assembles a pile of plans with the electrical specifications). Well, here you are. It's your original specs. Zone one only, but we gotta start somewhere.
(Roberts shuffles the plans angrily)
Doug Roberts: Son of a bitch gave us an impossible job.
View Quote (Roberts is explaining the fire situation to O' Hallorhan)
Doug Roberts: And they're celebrating... a party.
Chief O' Hallorhan: Party? What party? Where?
Doug Roberts: In the Promenade Room. 300 people.
Chief O 'Hallorhan: Well, why didn't you get them the hell out of there?
Doug Roberts: Why don't you go upstairs and talk to Duncan? He ain't exactly listening to me.
Chief O' Hallorhan: I will.
View Quote (Simmons returns to the Promenade Room after his failed attempt to escape down the stairs)
Roger Simmons: Pretty ridiculous spectacle, right? There's no way down.
Patty Duncan Simmons: Oh, thank God you're all right! Oh Roger, what are we going to do?
Roger Simmons: I know what I'm going to do. Get quietly drunk.
Patty Duncan Simmons: If you're responsible for all this, I know...what you must be feeling.
Roger Simmons: You don't even know the meaning of the word.
Patty Duncan Simmons: What, "Responsible"?
Roger Simmons: "Feeling"! Oh, you know a lot about responsibility; it's a family trait. The Duncans are very big in the responsibility department - at least on the surface!
Patty Duncan Simmons: That's not fair! I don't think it's wrong to feel a, a sense of, of duty!
Roger Simmons: Sometimes, when you turn the exact same phrase, lift an eyebrow the exact same way, I see and I hear your father. The two of you, one! Like a great big tree and a little baby tree in its shade where the acorn fell.
Patty Duncan Simmons: Roger, I came over here to you because I-I thought you might need me!
Roger Simmons: Right now, what I need most, is this. (grabs the glass and bottle of vodka)
View Quote (on the phone with Doug) Doug, I think you're overreacting. Now, I feel sorry for Will Giddings, but he'll be taken care of. But I am not going to concern myself with a fire in a storage room on 81, because it can't possibly affect us up here! Not in this building! Now, have someone call me when the fire department arrives. In the meantime, get in your dinner jacket and come up to join the party, now come on! (hangs up the phone)
View Quote (on the security phone) Security, this is Duncan. Have the main breakers gone? (whispering to Senator Parker after getting the bad news) The whole system's failed.
View Quote Did you change any of Doug's electrical specifications?
View Quote For God sakes, why?!
View Quote For what it's worth, Architect, this is one building that I figured wouldn't burn.
View Quote I don't know. Maybe they just oughta leave it the way it is. Kind of a shrine to all the the bullshit in the world.
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry. You'll have to move back into the Promenade Room, and we'll be taking you down by the scenic elevator. Now these express elevators can be activated by fire. And with the probability of short circuits, the cars might stop on the floor where the fire is. So please we'll use the scenic elevator, over there. (a panicked group of guests enter an express elevator anyway despite Duncan's warnings) FOR GOD'S SAKE, GET OUT OF THERE! (elevator door closes with the panicked guests in the elevator car, which would soon bring them to their firey doom) Please, back!! (pushes the elevator button to try to get the elevator car back up to cancel the trip down, but to no avail)
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? It seems that we have a small fire. In one of our storage rooms, 50 floors below. Now I assure you there's no danger. But in accordance with the fire department's orders, a purely precautionary procedure, we're going to have to move the party down to the lobby for a while and we'll be serving ****tails and champagne in our Continental Room. But I promise you - dinner will not be delayed. Now if we can all move to the elevators.
View Quote Now Doug, one piece of scorched wire from a burned-out circuit breaker is hardly conclusive.