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View Quote Now Doug, one piece of scorched wire from a burned-out circuit breaker is hardly conclusive.
View Quote (on the phone with Doug) Doug, I think you're overreacting. Now, I feel sorry for Will Giddings, but he'll be taken care of. But I am not going to concern myself with a fire in a storage room on 81, because it can't possibly affect us up here! Not in this building! Now, have someone call me when the fire department arrives. In the meantime, get in your dinner jacket and come up to join the party, now come on! (hangs up the phone)
View Quote Did you change any of Doug's electrical specifications?
View Quote For God sakes, why?!
View Quote We've got a fire, and if it was caused by anything you did I'm going to hang you out to dry, and then I'm going to hang you!
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? It seems that we have a small fire. In one of our storage rooms, 50 floors below. Now I assure you there's no danger. But in accordance with the fire department's orders, a purely precautionary procedure, we're going to have to move the party down to the lobby for a while and we'll be serving ****tails and champagne in our Continental Room. But I promise you - dinner will not be delayed. Now if we can all move to the elevators.
View Quote Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry. You'll have to move back into the Promenade Room, and we'll be taking you down by the scenic elevator. Now these express elevators can be activated by fire. And with the probability of short circuits, the cars might stop on the floor where the fire is. So please we'll use the scenic elevator, over there. (a panicked group of guests enter an express elevator anyway despite Duncan's warnings) FOR GOD'S SAKE, GET OUT OF THERE! (elevator door closes with the panicked guests in the elevator car, which would soon bring them to their firey doom) Please, back!! (pushes the elevator button to try to get the elevator car back up to cancel the trip down, but to no avail)
View Quote (on the security phone) Security, this is Duncan. Have the main breakers gone? (whispering to Senator Parker after getting the bad news) The whole system's failed.
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