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Thor: [Examining a piece of a relic] So Earth has...wizards now, huh? [goes to put the piece back, but accidentally knocks more off. He awkwardly tries to put the relic back together]
Stephen Strange: I prefer the term "Master of the Mystic Arts". You can leave that now.
Thor: All right, wizard. Who are you and why should I care?
Strange: My name is Dr. Stephen Strange, and I have some questions for you. Take a seat.
[Motions, and Thor immediately finds himself sitting in a high-backed chair opposite Strange]
Strange: Tea?
Thor: [Sees that a cup of tea has appeared in his hand] I don't drink tea.
Strange: What do you drink?
Thor: Not tea.
[Strange turns the tea into a stein of beer]
Strange: So, I keep a watch list of individuals and beings from other realms that may be a threat to this world. Your adopted brother, Loki, is one of these beings.
Thor: He's a worthy inclusion.
Strange: [While using the Time Stone to refill the beer] Then why bring him here?
Thor: We're looking for my father.
Strange: So, if I told you where Odin was, all parties concerned would promptly return to Asgard?
Thor: Promptly.
Strange: Great. Then I'll help you.
Thor: If you knew where he was, why didn't you call me?
Strange: I have to tell you, he was adamant that he didn’t want to be disturbed. Your father said he had chosen to remain in exile. And you don't have a phone.
Thor: No, I don't have a phone, but you could have sent an electronic letter. It's called an email.
Strange: Yeah. Do you have a computer?
Thor: No. What for?
Strange: [Sarcastic] Uh-huh.
Thor: Anyway, my father is no longer in exile. So if you could tell me where he is, I can take him home.
Strange: Gladly. He's in Norway. [they go to a bookshelf and Strange flips through mystic books] I'm just seeing whether this incantation requires any Asgardian modifications. Nope. We don't need that.
Thor: [Strange is using his powers, making him spill his beer] Will you stop doing that?
Strange: I need just one strand of your hair.
Thor: Let me explain something. My hair is not to be meddled with. [Strange rips out one of his hairs] Agh!
[Strange teleports himself and Thor back to the main hallway, Thor tumbles down the stairs]
Thor: We could have just walked.
Strange: [Opening a portal to Norway] He's waiting for you.
Thor: All right.
Strange: Don't forget your umbrella.
Thor: Oh yes. [Motions his hand for the umbrella. There is the sound of crashing and breaking glass as it damages the New York Sanctum on its way to him. Strange rolls his eyes in irritation] Sorry. [The umbrella finally comes and he removes some shattered glass from it] There we go. I suppose I'll need my brother back.
Strange: Hmm? Oh, yeah. Right.
[Strange opens a portal and Loki falls back through]
Loki: I have been falling for thirty minutes!!!
Strange: You can handle him from here.
Thor: Yes. Of course. Thank you very much for your help.
Strange: Good luck.
Loki: "Handle me"? Who are you? [Pulls out his blades]
Thor: Loki...
Loki: You think you're some kind of sorcerer?! Don't think for one minute, you second-rate –
Strange: Alright. Buh-bye! [Sends Thor and Loki through a portal]
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