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[In the sheds, the steam engines are snoring. Mr. C writes in his book, yawns and swaps his nightcap from "thinking" to "sleeping". He winds up his alarm clock, and picks up baseball bat.]
Mr. C: [chuckles] So, who dropped the ball then? [catches a beach ball] Oh, there you are. I'd like a nice cup of hot cocoa. Would you fellas care to join me? No? What would you rather do instead? [to the beach ball] Go outside and play? Well, I can understand that. [to the bat] What do you think? [makes the bat hit the ball; mock disappointment] Why do you keep hitting him like that? You gonna have to have a time out. [throws bat on his bed and makes his hot cocoa]
[Diesel 10 appears and laughs evilly]
Mr. C: [sips cocoa] Just a little sweeter, I think. [adds sugar to cocoa]
Diesel 10: All right, Pinchy, my little bucket of badness, time to feast yourself.
Mr. C: [sips cocoa again, and is satisfied] Ahh. Now that's better. [Diesel 10 tears off part of the sheds] Whoa! [removes his night cap and puts on his conductor hat, as the steam engines wake up in alarm, and Diesel 10 tears off more of the sheds and laughs evilly] Ahh! Whoa!
Thomas: [alarmed] Cinders and ashes! It's Diesel!
Gordon: Diesel?! Oh, no!
[Diesel 10 laughs evilly]
Diesel 10: Hello, Twinkle Toes! I got a plan and you're not in it!
Mr. C: You can't catch me, Diesel! [blows on his magic whistle twice, but only a little gold comes out of it]
Diesel 10: [laughs coldly] Losing your sparkle, huh? What perfect timing. Now where is that lost engine?
Mr. C: You won't find her here.
Diesel 10: You're not clever enough to stop me.
Mr. C: Oh, yes I am!
Diesel 10: No, you're not! Ah-- [sees Mr. Conductor hold up a bag of sugar] What–?! Is that...?!
Mr. C: That's right, it's sugar, Diesel! And if I throw this in your tank, it'll seize you up for good!
Diesel 10: [grunts and chuffs away] Make the most of tonight, Twinkle Toes, because you won't like tomorrow! Neither will that... that line of tin kettles! [to his claw] Shut up, Pinchy!
Thomas: [after the diesel leaves] Mr. Conductor, but what happened to your sparkle?
Mr. C: I don't know, Thomas, I'll just have to sleep on that.
Thomas: [confused] On your sparkle?
Mr. C: No, Thomas. On the problem of what happened to it.
Percy: Oh, but Mr. Conductor, without your sparkle or the Lost Engine, you can't travel here to help us anymore.
Mr. C: I'll solve the problem. You just go to sleep now.
Percy: Easy for you to say.
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