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Ten Commandments, The (1956)

Ten Commandments, The (1956) quotes

84 total quotes

Narrator (Cecil B. DeMille)
Ramses II
Seti I

View Quote Jannes: Great one, you hear the cry of Egypt.
Rameses: They would cry louder if they had to make the bricks.
View Quote Joshua: Did He ask something of you?
Moses: That I go to Egypt.
Joshua: You are God’s messenger! He has set the day of deliverance. I will get water and bread that we may leave at once.
Sephora: But Egypt holds death for you.
Moses: If it be His will.
Sephora: Where He sends you, I shall go. Your God is my God.
Joshua: I will lead men against the armory at Migdol and get swords for the people!
Moses: It is not by the sword that He will deliver His people, but by the staff of a shepherd.
View Quote Joshua: Here! Water lily!
Lilia: My name is Lilia.
Joshua: To me you are a lily, and I want water.
View Quote Joshua: If it is not forbidden to look upon the breath of pestilence, then see, for it is here.
[Eleazar begins to rush to the door, but Moses grabs his arm]
Moses: Do not look, Eleazar. [To Joshua] Close the door, Joshua, and let death pass.
View Quote Joshua: Is the holy mountain forbidden to men?
Sephora: Yes. And I am afraid for him.
Joshua: [Seeing Moses] Then he is more than man, for look…
View Quote Joshua: Praise God I have found you!
Moses: Joshua? We thought you dead.
Joshua: In the copper mines of Geber, the living are dead.
View Quote Joshua: There is a noise of war in the camp.
Moses: It is not the noise of war. It is the noise of song and revelry.
View Quote Joshua: They told me you were dead.
Lilia: To all I love, Joshua, I am dead.
View Quote Memnet: [about the Hebrew cloth Moses lies in] Do you know the pattern of this cloth?
Bithiah: If my son is wrapped in it, it is a royal robe!
View Quote Memnet: What have you found?
Bithiah: The answer to my prayers!
Memnet: You prayed for a basket?
Bithiah: No, I prayed for a son.
Memnet: Your husband is in the house of the dead.
Bithiah: And he has asked the Nile God to bring me this beautiful boy.
View Quote Miriam: Death is all around us!
Joshua: But it passes those who have believed the Lord.
Moses: Always remember, Eleazar, He passed over your house.
View Quote Moses: At such a time, has any man ever gone to see Him [God] face to face?
Sephora: No man has ever set foot on the forbidden slopes of Sinai. Why do you want to see Him, Moses?
Moses: To know that He is. And if He is, to know why He has not heard the cries of slaves in bondage.
Sephora: Moses, it would be death to look upon His face.
Moses: How many of my people have died because He has turned away His face?
Sephora: Can a man judge God? No, Moses. We cannot see His whole purpose. Even Ishmael did not know that God drove him into the desert to be the father of a nation. Is it not enough to know that He had saved you from the Pharaoh’s anger?
Moses: How do you know that?
Sephora: You walk like a prince. And you fight like a warrior. And there is word in the caravans of a great one who was driven out of Egypt.
Moses: This is not the scepter of a prince, but the staff of a wanderer.
Sephora: Then rest from wandering. My father has many flocks and no son to tend them. There would be peace of spirit for you, Moses, in our tents beneath the Holy Mountain.
Moses: You have strong faith in this God, Sephora. But for me, there is no peace of spirit until I hear the Word of God, from God Himself.
View Quote Moses: Great one, I bring you Ethiopia.
[Trumpets play, Ethiopians step forward]
Rameses: Command them to kneel before Pharaoh.
Moses: Command what you have conquered my brother.
View Quote Moses: If there is one more plague on Egypt, it is by your word that God will bring it. And there shall be so great a cry throughout the land…that you will surely let the people go. [Walks away]
Rameses: Come to me no more Moses! For on the day you see my face again, you will surely die!
Moses: So let it be written.
View Quote Moses: That’s a hard dance you do, old man.
Old Man: We’ve been dancing it for 400 years…[A whips cracks in the background followed by a low moan] …to grim music.