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Ten Commandments, The (1956)

Ten Commandments, The (1956) quotes

84 total quotes

Narrator (Cecil B. DeMille)
Ramses II
Seti I

View Quote What have you found? [As they are setting a baby Moses away]
Miriam: But Mother, we have not even given him a name.
Yochabel: God will give him a name.
View Quote Aaron: Arise, O Israel! Behold the dawn of freedom!
View Quote Bithiah: You will be the glory of Egypt, my son. Mighty in words and deeds. Kings shall bow before you. Your name will live on when the pyramids are dust. And…because I drew you from the water, you shall be called Moses. Moses! Moses!
View Quote Commander of the Hosts: I’ve known battle for 30 years, Pharaoh, but I’ve not known fear till tonight.
View Quote Song of Joseph: Jacob cherished
His son Joseph,
Many colors was his coat.
All his brothers
Hated Joseph,
Into bondage he was sold.
View Quote Announcer: The Lord Moses, Prince of Egypt, son of the Pharaoh’s sister, beloved of the Nile god, commander of the Southern Host!
Egyptian 1: Welcome home!
Egyptian 2: Prince Moses!
Jannes: The blessing of the god Amun-Ra be upon you, Great Prince! He has brought down the pride of Ethiopia. Yes, that is…
Seti: [As Jannes continues on] The old windbag.
Nefretiri: I agree with him.
View Quote Baka: We use the old ones for greasing the stones. If they are killed it is no loss.
Moses: Are you a master builder or a master butcher?
Baka: If we stop moving stones for every grease woman who falls, the city will not rise.
Overseer: If the slaves are not driven they will not work.
Joshua: If their work lags it is because they are not fed.
Moses: You look strong enough.
Joshua: I am a stone cutter. The pharaoh likes his images cut deep.
Moses has words. Pharaoh has spears!
View Quote Baka: Will you lose a throne because Moses builds a city?
Rameses: The city that he builds shall bear my name. The woman that he loves shall bear my child. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.
View Quote Baka: You make no outcry, Joshua, but you will; you will cry for the mercy of death.
Joshua: One day you will listen to the cry of slaves.
Baka: This is not that day, Joshua.
View Quote Bithiah: In fear of your God, they have set me free. May a stranger enter?
Moses: There are no strangers among those who seek God’s mercy.
Bithiah: My bearers?
Moses: All who thirst for freedom may come with us.
View Quote Bithiah: They will stop for me!
Mered: A charging chariot knows no rank!
I lost him when he found his god.
View Quote Caleb: Do you hear thunder? Over the sea?
Joshua: No, it comes from the desert. That’s the thunder of horses!
View Quote Dathan: Pull! Pull for your lives!
Lilia: Is your life worth so much?
View Quote Egyptian Guard: What kingdom has sent you?
Moses: The kingdom of the Most High.
View Quote Egyptian Tax Collector: Can taxes be collected from dead cattle and blighted harvests?
Rameses: Does fear rule Egypt?! Or do I?