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(After noticing that they are being watched by a few Japanese guards)
Donnie: Uh, o-hi-o, wasabi.
Raph: (confused) "Hello mustard?"
Donnie: Okay, so my Japanese is a little rusty. (to the guards) Uh, Suzuki, Kawasaki- (Raph knocks them out cold)
Raph: How 'bout, uh, "Sayonara"?
Donnie: That'll work!
April O'Neil: (after being rescued from Norinaga's dungeon) Would somebody please tell me what the heck is going on around here?
Donnie: Well relax, April. It's just your, uh, ordinary time travel equal-mass-displacement kind of thing.
April: (sees Donnie's blueprints for a crude replica of the Magic Scepter) You don't mean... you're not seriously suggesting that Donatello is going to make an incredibly arcane time travel machine, are you?
Turtles: No, of course not!
Mikey: That'd be totally bogus!
Raph: Really stupid!
April: Well, that's a relief.
Donnie: No, that guy's gonna make it. (points to a nearby blacksmith) He's good with his hands. (April shoves the blueprint aside and walks away)
Mikey: Where're you goin', dudette?
April: To find an apartment. I have a feeling we're gonna be here for a long, long time.
Lord Norinaga: You may have disgraced my ancestors, but you will not disgrace me. Tonight, you will die.
Mitsu: (paraphrasing Splinter's line to Shredder from the first film) No. We will both die... but only one of us with honor.
(strong silence from everybody)
Leo: Are we in a loop here or what?
Walker: (cornered by the Turtles at the docks) What kind of demons are you?
Leo: We're turtles, friend!
Donnie: Of the Teenage Mutant Ninja variety, sleazeball.
Walker: (slowly pulls the Scepter out of his bag) This, I believe, is what you've been searching for. Go fetch! (throws the Scepter into the air, getting the Turtles to panic in catching it) You really think I would make it that easy, you nasty little reptiles?!
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