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View Quote Belle's Boss: (to Belle) Anyway, we're all real proud of you for getting your taxi license. Knowing that you're behind the wheel of a taxi in our fair city...makes us want to move to Albany.
View Quote Female Police Officer: Washburn? What a loser!
View Quote Jesse: (sniffs Belle's clothes) Wait a minute. Who you wearin' perfume for?
Belle: What? Oh, no, no, no, no. No, I cut through Macy's. I got tagged.
Jesse: Uh-huh.
Belle: Why, you like it? Is it me?
Jesse: Look, lemme tell you something, baby. There's only one thing I like on you.
Belle: What's that?
Jesse: And that's me.
(they kiss)
View Quote Man: (hits cab window, jumps in back)
Belle: Hey! What the hell is your problem? (wipes off window)
Man: Cabbie, I need to be at the J.F.K. in fifteen minutes. 100 bucks says I make it.
Belle: Whoo! Done. You jumped in the right cab today.
(pushes buttons, levers which converts cab in to a more high-powered cab)
Belle: I don't usually stop for white guys. It's my way of balancing the universe.
Man: (stares at watch irritated) That's fourteen minutes.
Belle: (puts car in gear) Buckle up for safety, motherf-
(cab speeds off)

View Quote (after hearing about a robbery on the walkie-talkie)
Andy: (to a car) Freeze! Offical police business! I'm gonna need-
(the car tries to halt but instead swerves into a parked car. Another car, following close behind, hits it. Soon there is a major car pile up.)
Andy: (seeing the wreakage, takes off)

View Quote Andy: (holding badge) Hey! See this? This is a badge, okay? That means you're not allowed to SCREAM AT ME!
Belle: (grabs badge) Aah!

View Quote Lieutenant Martha Robbins: Washburn, you took a cab to a robbery? You thought that was okay?
Andy: W-well, yeah.

View Quote Lieutenant Martha Robbins: You drove your wheels through a bodega, and you killed Detective Manuel's parrot.
Andy: Detective Manuel knew what he was risking when he took the parrot on the stakeout.
Lieutenant Martha Robbins: (scoffs) I don't believe you.
Andy: So ridiculous. Of all pets, I mean. Its the one that talks.

View Quote Andy : (with fake Cuban accent) You guys are ever in Havana, you give me a call, okay? We'll have some tequila, cerveza. You know? Okay? Mi casco es su casco.
Man: (suspiciously) What part?
Andy: Uh, you ask me where I'm from?
Man: Yeah. What part?
Andy: What part am I from? (stalling) Uh, what part of Havana?
Man: Yeah.
Andy: You now, on the-uh, I live around the corner of uh, uh...Castro Street.
Man: (looks at Andy then at his cohorts) Show's over, pig!
(Shootout begins, Andy and partner flee)
Andy: (to partner, while running down stairs) How can there not be a Castro Street in Cuba? That's insane!

View Quote Belle: (to Lieutenant Martha Robbins and FBI Agent Mullins) Ballistic test?! On what? We already know who shot my cab. (referring to Andy) It was that stupid idiot right there with that dumb look on his face.
Andy: That's not fair. Agent Mullins wasn't even on the scene

View Quote Belle: Come on. Everybody's got a few tickets.
Agent Mullins: Not 75. And not on a bycicle, Miss Williams.

View Quote Andy: All I have to go on is the M.O., modus operandi. That's police jargon for-
Belle: (cutting off) I know what it means. And it's not police jargon, it's Latin.
Andy: Right. Whatever. It's both.
View Quote Belle: Hey, why are we not doing this at the station?
Andy: Sometimes a good cop's got to bend the rules so that laws don't get broken. You know what I'm sayin'? I'm not afraid to live outside the law.
Belle: (scoffs) You're living outside of your mind. That's where you live.

View Quote (Two of the bank robbers are arguing in Portuguese)
Andy: What are they sayin'?
Belle: The redhead is sayin' she doesn't want to kill a cop. So, if we just play it cool then they'll leave us here tied up.
Andy: Okay. Okay. I'll play it cool. Play it cool. (winks)
Belle: Okay. Hey...what was that wink for?
Andy: Shh. Hey, trust me.
Belle: No, no, no, no, no, man. What was that about?
Andy: Shh. Trust me. Trust me.
Belle: Trust you?
Andy: Yeah.
Belle: Trust you? Hell no. Uh-uh. No way. (to bank robbers) Hey! Excuse me! Excuse me! Don't mean to interrupt. He's gonna do something. He just winked at me.
Andy: Hey, what's wrong with you?
Belle: What's wrong with me?
Andy: Yeah!
Belle: Uh, I got a problem getting SHOT! (to red-headed bank robber) Did you frisk him?
Red-headed Bank Robber: (****s gun and point it at Andy) Si.
Bell: Well frisk his ass again! He got at least one more gun on him. Cavity-search him!
Andy: I do not! (to robbers) I swear!
Belle: He's got a gun and he's gonna use it! He's crazy.
Andy: Whose side are you on?
Belle: MINE!

View Quote Andy's Mom: (to Andy) Where's my Daewoo. Andy, did you do something to my car?
Andy: (sees Belle mocking him behind his mother) Don't!
Belle: (mouthing) You busted.
Andy's Mom: Andy. (grabs Andy's face and lifts it to hers) Look at me, my darling. You didn't drive it through another bodega, did you?
Belle: That was you?! It was you! You was on the cover of the Post. You killed that parrot.
Andy: (embarrased) Mom, what did I tell you about talkin' official police business, all right?!

View Quote Andy's Mom: Well, Andy's not a very strong driver. See, he had a really bad experience when he had his first driving lesson.
Andy: Driving lesson?! You call that a driving lesson?
Andy's Mom: Mm, yes!
Andy: Dad let go of the wheel and said: "You better steer or else you're gonna kill the whole family"!
Andy's Mom: Yeah. It was good for you.
Andy: We were going 90. I was six!
Andy's Mom: That's right. And that's the way he taught you to swim.
Andy: I can't swim either!

View Quote Belle: Stop playing! You live next door to your mom?
Andy: It makes her feel safe.
Belle: She's must not've seen you in action.

View Quote Belle: What kind of grown-ass man live ten feet away from his mom?
Andy: I wouldn't talk so much Isabelle Precious Williams
Belle:Who told you about my name?
Andy: It's in your record. Precious. (mocking) My Precious.
Belle: Go ahead. Say it again. Say it again, and see what happens. I dare you. (Andy doesn't say anything else. Belle turns over and falls asleep)
Andy: (quietly) Precious.
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