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Rapunzel quotes

View Quote [singing very fast] Flowergleamandglowletyourpowershinemaketheclockreversebringbackwhatoncewasmine! Healwhathasbeenhurtchangethefatesdesignsavewhathasbeenlostbringbackwhatoncewasmine!
View Quote OKAY, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. I've got a person... in my closet. I've got a person in my closet. I've got a person in my closet. Ha-ha! Too weak to handle myself out there, huh, Mother? [starts twirling frying pan] Well... [laughs] ...tell that to my frying pans. [accidentally hits herself with pan]
View Quote [to Maximus] Look, today is kind of the biggest day of my life. And the thing is, I need you not to get him arrested. [Maximus glares at her] Just for 24 hours, and then you can chase each other to your hearts' content, okay? [Maximus glares again] And, it's also my birthday, just so you know.
View Quote [after leaving her tower; happily] I can't believe I did this! [worried] I can't believe I did this. [excitedly squealing] I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS!!! [nervous laughter] ...Mother would be so furious. [later, sitting on a rock holding some water lilies] Well, that's okay! I mean, what she doesn't know won't kill her, right? [rocking back and forth in a cave with her heart beating in her chest] Oh, my gosh... This would kill her! [frolicking around] THIS IS SOOO FUUUUUN!!! [standing on a tree branch, head up against the bark] ...I am a horrible daughter. I'm going back. [cartwheeling] I am never going back! Woo-hoo! [face down in the grass] I am a despicable human being! [swinging around a tree] WOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!!
View Quote [singing] Flower, gleam and glow... Let your power shine... Make the clock reverse... Bring back what once was mine... Heal what has been hurt... Change the fate's design... Save what has been lost... Bring back what once was mine... What once was mine...
View Quote [holds her frying pan up to Flynn's face] I will use this...
View Quote Flynn!
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