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Paul Bunyan quotes

View Quote Never enough for you termites, is it? Not enough you swindled me out of my camp, robbed me of my trade. Now you want my woods, too. You want it all! I'm makin' my stand! At least, if I go down swinging, I go down like a man!
View Quote Pecos? Let me take a gander at ya... You steamin' pile of buffalo puckey. You're still ugly.
View Quote I told Sam, "They're not loggers, they're butchers! Them and their fancy machines, cuttin' down everything in sight, the weak with the strong. A sapling won't get to full growth." Said, "Nothing will ever sprout again." You know what Sam said? He said I was behind the times. Me. Paul Bunyan. The man who invented logging. Who thought up the double-bladed axe, huh? Me. Who dreamed up the log flume? Me again. Don't think it's easy! My head hurt for days, coming up with that one! What about the grindstone? Flapjack contest! Wedge cutting! Three point stance! Me, me, me, me!
View Quote You watch your mouth, Pecos! Babe's very sensitive.
View Quote [about Daniel] He's bad news, Bill. In britches.
View Quote Timber!
View Quote I'm Paul Bunyan! I'm 300 pounds of raging fury! [deflects a bullet with his axe] You're in trouble now! Don't point your little gun at me, you sissy! I can out-eat, out-swing any one of you! I'm Paul Bunyan!
View Quote That's a tall tale. That's a tall tale for sure.
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