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Pecos Bill quotes

View Quote Kind of makes it all worthwhile, don't it?
View Quote Widowmaker's kind of particular of folks taking liberties with him. Matter of fact, last man who tried that… Widowmaker kicked him so hard he ended up halfway to the Moon. Name of Lanky Hank. He bounced up and down for a month of Sundays until finally I just had to shoot him down so he could have a proper burial.
View Quote You sure do know a lot for a half-growed piglet, so how’s this for plain English: stay away from the horse or he'll kill you.
View Quote [surrounded by thugs] Howdy. [a thug punches him]
View Quote [after Daniel describes telephones] Everybody'll know everybody else's business? Well, in no time at all, there won't be a single place left where a man can find any privacy.
View Quote Used to be when a man got a head start, it meant something.
View Quote You gave it your best shot? Well, if you gave it your best shot, you ain't got nothing to be sorry for.
View Quote Mister, you can insult me, and you can insult my friends. As a matter of fact, you can insult my mother and my horse. But mister, don't you ever insult the great state of Texas.
View Quote First that blasted ox, now a gall-darn jackass. Might as well be ridin' turtles. [John Henry: Cold Molasses is a mule!] I wasn't referrin' to her.
View Quote This ain't nothin' compared to the summer of '88. It was so hot, that chickens was layin' fried eggs, and babies was cryin' out sawdust. So I hightailed it up to Kansas...
View Quote It is amazing, the things heat'll do to a man.
View Quote I am a ring-tailed roarer. I can draw faster, shoot straighter, ride harder, and drink longer than any man alive. I ride cyclones and I wrestle. I'm the rip-snortinest cowboy that ever rode North, South, East or West of the Rio Grande. I'm Pecos Bill.
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