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The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone quotes

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View Quote [Arthur arrives in the castle guestroom in a squire's outfit]
Arthur: [Excitedly] Merlin, look! I'm a squire! [Merlin, angry and disappointed by Arthur's decision, scoffs and goes back to his stove]
Archimedes: Oh, uh...very nice, boy.
Merlin: Yes indeed. A fine monkey suit for polishing boots!
Arthur: [His expression falls] It's... It's what all squires wear.
Merlin: And I thought you were going to amount to something! [Gets up out of his chair] I thought you had a few brains! [Kicks over a stack of books] Great future! Hah! A stooge for that big lunk, Kay! Congratulations, boy!
Arthur: [Breaks into tears] What do you-What do you want me to be?! I'm nobody! You...You don't know a thing about what's going on today! [Archimedes gasps] I'm lucky to be Kay's squire!
Merlin: [Loses his temper] Oh! Of all the idiotic...! BLOW ME TO BERMUDA! [He magically rockets off to Bermuda]
Arthur: Where...W-where did he go?
Archimedes: To Bermuda, I suppose.
Arthur: Where's that?
Archimedes: Oh, an island way off somewhere that hasn't been discovered yet.
Arthur: Will he...ever come back?
Archimedes: Who knows? Who knows anything?
View Quote [Arthur falls through Merlin's roof]
Merlin: Well! So, you did drop in for tea after all! Oh, you are a bit late, you know.
Arthur: Oh, I am?
Merlin: Yes. Now, my name is Merlin... Come, come, who are you, my lad?
Arthur: Oh, my name's Arthur, but everyone calls me Wart.
Merlin: Oh.
Arthur: Ooh, what a perfect stuffed owl.
Archimedes: Stuffed!? I beg your pardon!
Arthur: He's alive, and he talks.
View Quote [Arthur returns to the tournament with the Sword in the Stone]
Arthur: Kay! Kay! Here's a sword!
Kay: [Takes the sword] This is not my sword!
Sir Ector: Hold on, Kay! Wait a minute. [Reads the inscription under the hilt] "Whoso pulleth out this sword..." [Shocked] Why, it''s the Sword in the Stone!
Sir Bart: The Sword in the Stone?! It can't be!
Sir Ector: But look! It is!
Sir Pellinore: It's the marvelous sword!
Sir Bart: [To the townspeople] Hold everything! Someone's pulled the sword from the stone!
View Quote [Last lines; Merlin magically enters the throne room wearing 20th century style clothes.]
Arthur: Oh, Merlin! You're back from Ber-ber-ber-
Merlin: Bermuda? Yes, back from Bermuda and the 20th century! And believe me, you can have it! One big modern mess! Alakazam! [magically changes back into his regular clothes]
Arthur: I'm in an awful pickle! I'm King!
Archimedes: He pulled the Sword from the Stone.
Merlin: [surprised] Aha! Of course, of course! King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table!
Arthur: Round Table?
Merlin: Oh, would you rather have a square one?
Arthur: Oh, no, round will be fine.
Merlin: Boy, boy, boy - you'll become a great legend. They'll be writing books about you for centuries to come. Why, they might even make a motion picture about you.
Arthur: Motion picture?
Merlin: Well, uh.... that's something like television. Without commercials.
View Quote [Madam Mim transforms into a big purple dragon.]
Merlin: [nervously] Now, Mim! No dragons, remember?
Madam Mim: Did I say no purple dragons? DID I?!
View Quote [Merlin is being chased by a corpulent granny squirrel, eventually falling off a tree branch and into a bush.]
Merlin: By George! I've had enough of this nonsense! ALAKAZAM! [In an atom bomb explosion, Merlin changes back into a human, causing the granny squirrel to scream.] There! Now you see? I'm an ugly, horrible, grouchy old man!
[The granny squirrel runs up a tree and chirps angrily at Merlin. In response, Merlin barks like a dog, scaring her off.]
Arthur: Merlin!
[Merlin turns around to see a girl squirrel hugging Arthur tightly.]
Merlin: So, here we are.
Arthur: Quick, Merlin, the magic!
Merlin: Snick, snack, snorum!
[Merlin turns Arthur back into a human and Arthur laughs, which causes the girl squirrel to gasp.]
Arthur: There, now you see? I'm not a squirrel, I'm a boy. [The girl squirrel chirps as if asking a question.] I tried to tell you. I-I'm a boy. A human boy! [The girl squirrel climbs up to a knot on her tree and sniffs.] Oh! If you could only understand.
[The girl squirrel runs up to the hole in the tree and cries her heart out as Arthur remorsefully walks away.]
Merlin: Ah, you know, lad... that love business is a powerful thing.
[The girl squirrel, sobbing, pokes her head out of her tree hole and watches Arthur and Merlin slowly walk away.]
Arthur: Greater than gravity?
Merlin: Well, yes, boy, in its way, I'd, uh- Yes, I'd say it's the greatest force on Earth.
[The girl squirrel climbs to the top of her tree to get one last look at Arthur and sobs one last time as the screen fades to black.]