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Stuart Little

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View Quote Eleanor: Is he going to be alright?
Dr. Beechwood: Well, a lad that size swallowing all that (laundry) detergent. Amazingly, I think he's going to be fine. Also, he's very clean.
View Quote George: Maybe we should go home.
Frederick: Why?
George: I'm not wearing my lucky underwear.
Frederick: You don't have lucky underwear.
George: Well, maybe we should get some and come back for another race.
View Quote Lucky: Bad news! The Stouts squealed.
Smokey: I knew those mice were rats.
Lucky: The kid's on his way home. What do we do?
Smokey: No problem. He's gotta go through the park, right? Let's meet him there and have ourselves a little "picnic".
Lucky: [starts to leave] Great! I'll bring herring!
Smokey: Hey, hey, moron! The mouse is the picnic!
Lucky: Oh...
View Quote Monty: Aren't you going to run?
Stuart: Why?
Monty: Because you're a mouse.
Stuart: I'm not just a mouse. I'm a member of this family.
[Snowbell groans]
Monty: A mouse with a pet cat?
[rolls over and laughs out loud, repeating that line over again]
Stuart: I guess that's pretty funny!
Monty: Pretty funny? I'm gonna wet my fur! A MOUSE WITH A PET CAT! [laughs hard more, and looks down at Snowbell, who is embarrassed] Your new little master? Wait until the boys hear all about this!
Snowbell: [embarrassed] Oh, the humiliation... [to Stuart] I'm gonna kill you!
Stuart: Oh, dear!
Snowbell: Come back here! [after a few chases, and ending up in the garbage can] Alright, no more Mr. Nice Kitty. You!
Stuart: Aaah! [runs off into George's room]
View Quote Mrs. Keeper: Mr. and Mrs. Little, we try to discourage couples from adopting outside of their own... species. It rarely works out.
View Quote Smokey: Say good night...Tinkerbell.
[Snowbell gulps]
Stuart: Hey, SMOKEY!!! His name is Snowbell! [Smacks him off the tree with a branch]
View Quote Snowbell: Didn't your mothers warn you not to go into Central Park at night?
Smokey: My mother was the reason you didn't go into Central Park at night!
Red: Yeah, you tell 'em, Smokey!
View Quote Stuart: Snow, where are you going?
Snowbell: Oh. I got to stare at traffic, yawn, lick myself. And believe me, that could take hours if you do it right. Ciao.
View Quote [After it is revealed that the Stouts lied about being Stuart's real parents]
Snowbell: They know about the Stouts! They know about the Stouts! The jig is up! What're we gonna do?!
Monty: Hey, get ahold of yourself. What are you talking about?
Snowbell: This is very-- I'm in big--! I'm in DEEP POOPY-DOO!
Monty: Calm down, calm down. Don't get your fur in a bunch. All we need is a new plan.
Smokey: We do what we should've done in the first place; We scratch him out.
Monty: Scratch him out?
Snowbell: But Smokey, the police are involved! I don't wanna get kicked out of my house! I'm not a street cat, I'm a house cat! I don't wanna lose my furry basket or my tinkle-ball that I push along the floor with my nose!
Monty: Snow, buddy, pull yourself together.
Smokey: It's settled. Stuart Little get scratched tonight.
View Quote [At the golf course house, Reginald wakes Stuart up]
Reginald: Stuart, wake up.
Stuart: Huh?
Reginald: Get dress.
Stuart: Why?
Reginald: Uh, we’re taking you for a ride.
Stuart: Where we’re going?
Reginald: Some friends of ours have gathered just to meet you.
Stuart: A gathering? What should I wear?
Reginald: It doesn’t matter. Wear anything.
Stuart: Is it formal?
Reginald: Just put something on!
[Camille is crying about putting Stuart for an orphanage adoption]
Stuart: Why's Mom crying? Mom? I'm not angry at you for putting me up for adoption.
[Camille still cries]
Stuart: And now that I'm a Stout again, I'll always be here to take care of you. Because that's what families do. Mom, they, they take care of each other.
[Camille finishes crying as he passes Reginald, who's holding her purse. She snatches the purse from her husband's hands, then smacks it on his side.]
Reginald: Ow!
Camille: [shouts] TELL HIM THE TRUTH!!
View Quote [Snowbell sits Stuart down on a branch]
Stuart: Snowbell, you saved me?
Snowbell: Yeah, yeah. Look, let's get one thing straight. I'm doing this for the Littles. They used to love you. George says he used to love you. They're all miserable without you.
Stuart: But, Snowbell, you said--
Snowbell: I know what I said, I... I lied, okay? Welcome to Manhattan. I'm the one that hates you more than anything.
Stuart: Oh, Snowbell. You do care! [hugs his front leg]
Snowbell: Ugh. Yeah, yeah, okay. Okay, that's enough.
Monty: [arriving with the other cats] Snow, what's he doin' to your leg? I can't help to think this is wrong.
Smokey: What the Hell's goin' on here?
Snowbell: Uh, look, Smokey, uh, call me fickled, but... I want to call this whole thing off, okay?
Smokey: Too late.
Snowbell: Come on, Smokey, can't we talk it over? You know, Stuart's not so bad once you get to know him, and he's got his own car.
Smokey: Careful, house cat. You're askin' for it.
Monty: Snow, what are you doin'? Come on, he's just a mouse.
Snowbelll: He's not just a mouse. He's-- He's-- He's family.
Smokey: Oh, yeah! [laughing hysterically] I could see the resemblance! [he and the other cats laugh hysterically]
Stuart: [angrily] Is that what you think? You have to look alike to be family? [the cats abruptly stop laughing] You don't have to look alike. You don't even have to like each other. Look at Snowbell: He hates me, and still, he's tryin' to save me. And I hate him too. He decides to never speak to me again. Sure, you'll probably scratch him up pretty bad, you'd tear him to shreds; you may even kill him... [Snowbell gulps] ...but Snowbell will not run away, and that is what family is all about. Right...Snow?
Snowbell: [chuckles nervously] Maybe "Family"'s too strong a word.
Smokey: Scratch 'em both!
Snowbell: Both?!
View Quote [Stuart rides Snowbell home]
Stuart: You know, Snow, I don't know how to thank you.
Snowbell: How about not kicking me in the sides? I'm beginning to bruise.
Stuart: Sorry. I was getting excited, I've never ridden a cat bareback before.
Snowbell: Well, don't get used to it.
View Quote [Smokey meets Stuart in Central Park] Smokey: How you doin'? You must be Stuart.
Stuart: Actually, I must be going. [gets into his car]
Lucky: What's your hurry, Murray?
Red: Yeah, where ya goin', Murray-- uh, Stuart? What's his name?
[Stuart speeds off]
View Quote This water's damn cold! I can't believe this! Beaten by a mouse and his pet cat! What could be worse?! [Smokey runs off into the distance when a pack of wild dogs begin to chase him] Nice doggie! NO! NOOO!