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[Eazy-E is in a hospital after collapsing in a recording session]
Doctor: Um--
Tomica: Ain't you gonna say something? Is-- What is it, a respiratory infection, pneumonia, what?
Doctor: Yes, well, um, it is those things and more, I'm afraid. We ran a full blood battery and, uh... I'm sorry, Mr. Wright, but, uh, you've tested positive for HIV.
Eazy-E: [in disbelief] Get the **** outta here.
Tomica: W-W-What?
Doctor: The normal T-cell count is anywhere between 500 and 1,500. Right now, your T-cell count is 14.
[Tomica is shocked]
Eazy-E: But I ain't no ****.
Doctor: Uh, Mr. Wright, actually, um, the virus can be transmitted in quite a few ways, including unprotected heterosexual sex.
Eazy-E: I d-- That's wrong. You... you gotta test that over. That's-- N-- Test that again.
Doctor: We've run the test five times, with five different samples, and the result remains the same.
Tomica: [tearfully] Shit!
Eazy-E: Tomica! [Tomica runs out of the room in tears] Tomica! But she's pregnant, Doc. What this mean?
Doctor: It doesn't necessarily mean that she's contracted the virus, but, uh, we have to test her, to be sure.
Eazy-E: So, what do we do? When...we start the the treatment? I mean, what-- I gotta get healthy. I got things to do. I got-- [the doctor sits next to Eazy-E] What-What are we supposed to do?
Doctor: Mr. Wright, you need to understand...that you are very, very sick.
Eazy-E: I don't even feel that bad, Doc. Don't tell me that. Don't tell me that!
Doctor: With care, and palliative care, we can probably keep you comfortable for, uh, maybe six months, at the very most.
Eazy-E: [on the verge of tears; voice breaking] "Comfortable"? What do you mean, "Comfortable"?
Doctor: It's just a matter of time. Um, I, I am, I-I'm truly, truly sorry, Mr. Wright. [Eazy-E is about to cry] I-I-I'll leave you time to, um, process this.
Eazy-E: Come on, Doc, come on, Doc, no. Doc. [the doctor leaves the room, leaving Eazy-E helpless as he cries] [voice breaking] Come on!
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