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Straight Outta Compton (film)

Straight Outta Compton (film) quotes

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Jerry Heller

View Quote Eazy-E: Hey, ya'll lookin for Felicia?
Felicia's Man: She in there or what?
Eazy-E: She kinda preoccupied with some real **** dick.
Felicia's Man: [Revealing a gun] The **** you say little ****?
Eazy-E: [Comes out with a machine gun, Cube and Ren behind him with guns too] I said, she got a mutha****in dick in her mouth ****!
View Quote Eazy-E: I liked Boyz n the Hood.
Ice Cube: You called it an Afterschool Special.
Eazy-E: I like Afterschool Specials.
View Quote Ice Cube: [watching a crowd destroy their records] Ain't that some shit? Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.
Eazy-E: See, the truth is, they can do whatever they want with them. They bought them mother****ers.
View Quote Jerry Heller: What's NWA stand for, anyway? "No Whites Allowed", something like that? [chuckles]
Eazy-E: No... [pause] ****z Wit' Attitudes.
View Quote [Cube is annoyed by a reporter's insistence on discussing more controversial aspects of his career, while ignoring the recent Rodney King beating.]
Ice Cube: But I get it. The bigger the story, the bigger the check in your field of work. I shouldn't blame you, it's not your fault. [Extends hand] What's your name?
Reporter: Brian.
[Cube retracts hand]
Ice Cube: Eat a dick, Brian. Get the **** out of my house. Y'all done here.
View Quote [Eazy-E is in a hospital after collapsing in a recording session]
Doctor: Um--
Tomica: Ain't you gonna say something? Is-- What is it, a respiratory infection, pneumonia, what?
Doctor: Yes, well, um, it is those things and more, I'm afraid. We ran a full blood battery and, uh... I'm sorry, Mr. Wright, but, uh, you've tested positive for HIV.
Eazy-E: [in disbelief] Get the **** outta here.
Tomica: W-W-What?
Doctor: The normal T-cell count is anywhere between 500 and 1,500. Right now, your T-cell count is 14.
[Tomica is shocked]
Eazy-E: But I ain't no ****.
Doctor: Uh, Mr. Wright, actually, um, the virus can be transmitted in quite a few ways, including unprotected heterosexual sex.
Eazy-E: I d-- That's wrong. You... you gotta test that over. That's-- N-- Test that again.
Doctor: We've run the test five times, with five different samples, and the result remains the same.
Tomica: [tearfully] Shit!
Eazy-E: Tomica! [Tomica runs out of the room in tears] Tomica! But she's pregnant, Doc. What this mean?
Doctor: It doesn't necessarily mean that she's contracted the virus, but, uh, we have to test her, to be sure.
Eazy-E: So, what do we do? When...we start the the treatment? I mean, what-- I gotta get healthy. I got things to do. I got-- [the doctor sits next to Eazy-E] What-What are we supposed to do?
Doctor: Mr. Wright, you need to understand...that you are very, very sick.
Eazy-E: I don't even feel that bad, Doc. Don't tell me that. Don't tell me that!
Doctor: With care, and palliative care, we can probably keep you comfortable for, uh, maybe six months, at the very most.
Eazy-E: [on the verge of tears; voice breaking] "Comfortable"? What do you mean, "Comfortable"?
Doctor: It's just a matter of time. Um, I, I am, I-I'm truly, truly sorry, Mr. Wright. [Eazy-E is about to cry] I-I-I'll leave you time to, um, process this.
Eazy-E: Come on, Doc, come on, Doc, no. Doc. [the doctor leaves the room, leaving Eazy-E helpless as he cries] [voice breaking] Come on!
View Quote [Eric is upset that Jerry had embezzled money from him]
Eazy-E: Here's what's about to happen. I'm gonna get N.W.A back together. And you ain't gonna have nothing to do with it this time.
Jerry Heller: Why the **** can you even say something like that? What the **** is going on with you, man? I know what's good for you, I know what's good for Ruthless, and we have worked up a trust after years of hard work and that trust is our foundation, Eric. I don't give a shit.
[Eric is coughing]
Jerry Heller: [concerned] Eric? You look lousy man. Are you okay?
Eazy-E: Trust? Trust is a mother****er!
Jerry Heller: Is it? May I ask you something? Eric, If what I'm doing is so illegal, how come I've never been sued? If I'm such a ****ing thief, such a liar, such a mother****er, how come nobody's ever come to collect? Because this is business. And this is how it works. And it's not always pretty, no. Do I cover my own ass? Do I cover my own end? Absolutely. But don't you dare ****ing tell me that I have not taken care of you. Don't you ****ing tell me that I've not had your back from day one! DAY ONE!
Eazy-E: Is this taking care of me?
Jerry Heller: Are you ****ing kidding me? It's taking care of the whole ****ing thing! It's business! And this is how it works. Have I covered my end? Do I cover my ass? Absolutely. But don't you dare ****ing tell me that I have not taken care of you.
Eazy-E: Is this business too?
Jerry Heller: Yes, this is business, this is how ****ed up it can get. But I didn't start this! I didn't **** it up! You did!
Eazy-E: No, you did. You're fired, Jerry.
View Quote [Jerry Heller pauses No Vaseline, a diss track made by Ice Cube, after hearing him being mentioned as a Jew]
DJ Yella: That's shit's kinda funny.
MC Ren: The mother****er got us! Yo what we 'bout to do?
Jerry Heller: First thing we're gonna do, we're gonna sue this ignorant ****. That's what we're gonna do. Defamation of character, libel, I don't really care of that anti-Semitic piece of ****ing shit, who the **** does he think he is? Un****ing believable! That kind of ****ing bullshit! Jew bashing bullshit! You know what, I'll call up my friends at the J.D.L. They'll handle him, we'll see how much he likes that.
Eazy-E: Jerry, you gotta relax. Alright? ****s don't even know what anti-Semitic means anyway, it's a ****ing battle rap.
Jerry Heller: C'mon, Eric, we gotta get organised. We gotta fight this kind of ignorant ****ing bullshit. You know what? I always knew he was a hateful human being. This is just ignorant shit. He calls it political? This is ignorant shit! I always knew it. Now the whole world is gonna know. I'm gonna make sure of that, okay? I don't understand why the **** you're not more angry about this? Did you hear what he said?
Eazy-E: I heard what he said.
Eazy-E: I heard what he said!
Jerry Heller: About you? About me? Come on!
Eazy-E: You got your way of dealing with it, I got mine. We could just go to the studio and just end his ****ing career anyway.
DJ Yella: I don't know about all that.
Jerry Heller: Fine. You'll do that. You call Dre and you guys go do that! Do something.
View Quote [Last lines; Dr. Dre is leaving Death Row Records to form his own label, much to Suge Knight's chagrin.]
Suge Knight: Whatcha gonna call that bullshit?
Dr. Dre: Aftermath.
View Quote [N.W.A have been warned not to perform **** tha Police.]
Ice Cube: Hey, hold on, hold on! Y'all know what the mother****in' police tried to tell us back stage?
Dr. Dre, Audience: What?!
Ice Cube: They tried to tell us...what the **** we can't play. [audience angrily boos] Mother****ers tried to tell us...what the **** we can't say! [audience still boos] This N.W.A.! [audience cheers wildly] We do what the **** we wanna do; We say what the **** we wanna say! So everybody, put them middle fingers high in the sky. And to the punk-ass cop backstage-- [audience boos the police with their middle fingers raised, and cheer and whistle for N.W.A] Yo, Dre.
Dr. Dre: What up?
Ice Cube: I got somethin' to say.
[Dre scratches vinyl record in rhythm]
Ice Cube: [rapping] **** the police coming straight from the underground,A young **** got it bad cause I'm brown.And not the other color so police thinkThey have the authority to kill a minority.**** that shit, 'cause I ain't the oneFor a punk mother****er with a badge and a gunTo be beating on, and thrown in jail.We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell.
View Quote [NWA arrives back in L.A from the tour, Dre & Cube get off the bus]
Dr. Dre: So Cube, we gonna keep this momentum going or what?
Ice Cube: Nah, not like this. I'd rather be broke than to get ****ed. I told you not to sign that shit, Dre.
Dr. Dre: ****, I got bills to pay. And you know that! Plus you know I gotta put money in my mom's hand from when Tyree passed.
Ice Cube: Yeah, I feel you. We gotta do what we gotta do. You they bread and butter, they're gonna take care of you.
Dr. Dre: Cube, we ruthless.
Ice Cube: We N.W.A. [looks at Eazy-E and Jerry] They Ruthless.
View Quote Let me tell you what I see here: a lot of raw talent. Swagger. Bravado. People are scared of you guys. They think you're dangerous, but the world needs to hear it.
View Quote [to the policemen] You can't come down here and harass these guys because they're black! people have rights!