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Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned quotes

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View Quote Crowley: [to Roy and Helen] We did it! We beat Spike! Oh, I would have given an arm and a leg to see this! In fact, I already did!
View Quote Pierce: [after Spike is caught in the TV] I get his parking space.
View Quote Crowley: Nice disguise. Interesting concept. Diagonal boobs. Can you fix that thing?
Roy: I thought the wolves got you!
Crowley: Oh yeah? Lemme tell you about wolves. Vicious? Extremely. Goes without saying. But not that bright. While those dumb bunnies were fighting over a couple of my appendages, I managed to escape.
View Quote Executioner: [announcing the execution] By order of the court...
Crowley: Looks like Spike's gonna make his quota after all. I'm sorry, Mrs. Knable.
Executioner: I deliver the soul of the Marquis de Knable to it's rightful owner!
Spike: [back at HQ] Finally, he's mine!
View Quote Helen: (after being brought to the 1930's club) Where's my husband?
Murray Seidenbaum: What are you worried about him for? I ditched my wife five channels ago. She happened to meet the business end of a fifty-ton reptile. And I can tell you, I don't exactly miss dried meat loaf. This is great here. Great. I don't ever want to get out. Outside, I was Murray the Doormat. In here, Boss Seidenbaum.
View Quote Helen: [as a mouse] Couldn't be any worse, huh, Roy?
Roy: Helen? Oh, my God! We're cartoons! Boy, this is strange.
Helen: Strange? I'm an animated rodent wearing high-heeled running shoes. The word strange is somehow lacking! [hearing a door open, they run into the mouse hole]
Roy:: At least we're safe here. Nobody ever dies in cartoons, right?
View Quote Helen: Let me get this straight. We've been sucked into some kind of TV world?
Roy: Are you saying that that salesman was...
Crowley: Mr. Spike? Mephistopheles of the cathode ray, big brother to the ungrateful dead.
View Quote Spike: [on HV One News] This just in... Helen Knable has been kidnapped and taken to Channel 1. We take you there live.
Helen: [tied up to the dynamite wagon] Roy, I don't know where you are, but get your butt back here!
Spike: Unfortunately, her gutless failure of a husband won't lift a finger to save her. Isn't that right, Roy?
Roy: No!!
View Quote [After switching to another station while being pursued by Spike, Roy trips over a familiar looking couch in a familiar looking apartment. Two familiar looking women, one brunette and the other blonde with poni-tails, enter the apartment to the familiar theme of a familiar (and very popular) 70's TV show. They immediately mistake Roy for their roommate who (plausibly) lives with them (since they look exactly alike)]
Blond woman and brunette woman: Where have you been?
View Quote [about TV hell] Screw up in here, and you're dead meat.
View Quote [assessing her situation] Dynamite!? He's going to hit me with a train and blow me up? Roy!!!
View Quote [on the Star Trek-like show] Greetings, Captain Roy. Our remotes are synchronized. So wherever you go, I go. Enjoy the attack.
View Quote [to Roy about being on TV] You wanted to live in a TV fantasy? Well, you got your wish.