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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier quotes

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View Quote "God": You doubt me?
James T. Kirk: I seek proof.
Leonard McCoy: Jim, you don't ask the Almighty for his I.D.
"God": Then here is the proof you seek. [shoots Kirk with a lightning bolt]
View Quote Hikaru Sulu: [hiking near Mount Rushmore] I still think I should have gone to Yosemite with the captain.
Pavel Chekov: What's the difference? You've seen one national park, you've seen them all.
Sybok: My friends. Behold Paradise!
Spock: Sybok has failed. I resolved this pain... long ago.
Sybok: [whispering] Spock. [the room darkens, Spock begins to turn] Spock...! I must go! Now!
Spock: [childlike voice] Sybok? Wait!
Sybok: I can't. They've banished me!
Spock: Take me with you!
Sybok: No. You've chosen the Vulcan way.
Spock: I want to go with you!
Sybok: It's not possible. I'm a heretic. I'm an enemy of the people. It would be dangerous for you to go.
Spock: But where will you go?
Sybok: Where I can be free. Where I can prove I'm right! I will find Sha Ka Ree.
View Quote James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy: Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
James T. Kirk: Life-- Spock, why didn't you jump in?
Spock: I was trying to comprehend the words' meaning.
Leonard McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded Vulcan! The words aren't important. What's important is that you have fun singing it!
Spock: Oh, I am sorry, Doctor. Were we having fun?
Leonard McCoy: God, I liked him better before he died.
View Quote James T. Kirk: [responds to tapping within the wall] What's that noise?
Spock: [tapping continues] I believe it is a primitive form of communication known as Morse Code.
James T. Kirk: You're right. I'm out of practice. That's an "S."
Spock: A "T."
James T. Kirk: "A." "N." Uh, "D." End of word.
Leonard McCoy: "Stand."
James T. Kirk: New word. "B." "A." Um...
Spock: "C." "K."
Leonard McCoy: "Back." "Stand back."
James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy: Stand back?
[The wall explodes]
Montgomery Scott: What are you standing around for? Do you not know a jailbreak when you see one?
View Quote James T. Kirk: [to "God"] Excuse me... I just wanted to ask a question. What does God need with a starship?
View Quote James T. Kirk: Damn it Bones, you're a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. [to Sybok] I don't want my pain taken away! I need my pain!
View Quote James T. Kirk: Damn it, Spock! God damn it!
Spock: Captain, what I have done--
James T. Kirk: What you have done is betray every man on the ship.
Spock: Worse, I have betrayed you. I do not expect you to forgive me.
James T. Kirk: Forgive you? I ought to knock you on your goddamned ass.
Spock: If you think it would help?
Leonard McCoy: You want me to hold him, Jim?
James T. Kirk: You stay out of this.
View Quote James T. Kirk: Mr. Scott, you're amazing.
Montgomery Scott: There's nothing amazing about it. I know this ship like the back of my hand. [Klunk!-Smacks into a utility pipe and knocks himself out.]
View Quote James T. Kirk: Shoot him!
View Quote James T. Kirk: Spock!
Spock: Yes, Captain?
James T. Kirk: Be one with the horse.
Spock: Yes, Captain!
View Quote James T. Kirk: What does God need with a Starship?
View Quote James T. Kirk: What is this power you have to control the minds of my crew?
Sybok: I don't control minds. I free them.
Leonard McCoy: How?
Sybok: By making you face, and draw strength from it. Once that's done fear cannot stop you.
View Quote Kirk: I thought I was going to die. (After the confrontation with the Klingon ship and "God")
Spock: Not possible. You were never alone.
View Quote Kirk: I've always known I'll die alone.
View Quote Leonard McCoy: I'll say one thing, Spock. You never cease to amaze me.
Spock: Nor I myself.