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View Quote Janet Holloway:  I used to be scared to death of spiders.  [places tarantula in Spencer's hands]  Hold still now.  Yeah, I almost fainted once when a little garden spider crawled into my bedroom.  Yeah, I told my dad about it; you know what he did?  He bought me a tarantula just like Leo G there.  He knew I'd have to change my tarantula's water, and that meant sticking my hand in the terrarium.  If I didn't give him water, the tarantula would die.  My dad figured I couldn't let that happen, even to a spider.  He was right: I stuck my hand in that terrarium—oh, that first time.  Oh, man, I was so scared.  But you know what?  It got easier.  Pretty soon, I wasn't even scared anymore.  In fact, I go so into spiders, I started studying them, and I found science, and I became the world's greatest science teacher.  …  Point is, if you run away from the things you're scared of, it doesn't get any better.  The fear doesn't go away; in fact, it just gets worse.  Trust me.
View Quote Nadia:  [selling Cyborsuit shirts to fellow kids]  Look, we gotta make a profit here.  You're just gonna have to tell your mom to increase your allowance.
View Quote Narrator:  [from the trailer]  …comes the story of two friends who must join forces to save two worlds…if they don't destroy this one first.
View Quote Cyborsuit:  [to Turbo]  You are USAD—
Spencer:  No, USDA.
Cyborsuit:  —er, USDA choice dead meat.
View Quote Spencer Griffith:  Hello?
Phase One Assault Cyborsuit:  Hello?
Spencer:  You can talk?
Cyborsuit:  You can talk?
Spencer:  Of course I can talk.
Cyborsuit:  Of course I can talk.
Spencer:  Cut it out.
Cyborsuit:  Cut it out.  Language data reoriented to English.
View Quote Spencer:  Oahh!  What is this?
Cyborsuit:  One synthesised nebular burger.  All non-essential compounds have been filtered out.
Spencer:  Oh.  I'm eating a Cyborsuit turd.
View Quote Spencer:  We better hit the road.
Cyborsuit:  We must strike asphalt.
View Quote Spencer:  What do you call a cow with no feet?
Cyborsuit:  Insufficient data.
Spencer:  Err!  Wrong!  "Ground beef," get it?
Cyborsuit:  [silence]
View Quote A little survival tip: stay out of my way!
View Quote Check it out: I'm Shaquille O'Neal.
View Quote Don't take my brain!  I can get you lots of brains!
View Quote Hello, Crystal Bluff.  There's a new kid in town.
View Quote I am a prototype.
View Quote I am sorry, Earth biotic Spencer.
View Quote I can't babysit the little scab juice tonight!