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Teddy: Have you guys been watching The Mickey Mouse Club lately? I think Annette's tits are getting bigger.
Gordie: Yeah, I've been noticing lately that the "A"and the "E" are starting to bend around the sides.
Vern: Annette's tits are great.
Chris and Teddy: Yeah.
Vern: This is a really good time.
Chris: The most.
Teddy: A blast.
The Writer: [voiceover] Vern didn't just mean being off limits inside the junkyard, or fudging on our folks, or going on a hike up the railroad tracks to Harlow. He meant those things, but it seems to me now it was more and that we all knew it. Everything was there and around us. We knew exactly who we were and exactly where we were going. It was grand.
[Teddy spits water at Vern; Gordie and Chris laugh]
Vern: Great! Spit at the fat kid. Real good. What time is it, Gordie?
Gordie: Um... [checks his watch] It's 1:15.
Vern: We better go get the food. Junkyard opens at 3:00. Chopper will be here.
Chris: Ooh, sic balls.
Teddy: [to Vern] You go. You can pick us up on the way back.
Vern: I'm not going alone. We should all go.
Teddy: I'm stayin' right here.
Gordie: Yeah, man, I'm not goin'. I'm not goin' all the way out there.
Chris: Girls, girls, girls, cool it. We'll flip for it.
Gordie: Okay, odd man goes?
Teddy: That's you, Gordie, odd as a cod.
Gordie: [to Chris] Flip or eat lead.
[The four boys flip their coins, and all have landed tails up]
Vern: Four tails! Oh, Jesus, man, that's a goocher.
Chris: Oh, come on, Vern. That doesn't mean anything. Let's go again.
Vern: No, man, a goocher. That's really bad. Remember when Clint Bracken and those guys got wiped out on Weed Hill in Durham? Billy told me they was flippin' for beers, and they came up with a goocher before they got into the car. And bang! They all got totaled! I don't like this, man, sincerely.
Teddy: Vern-o, nobody believes that crap about moons and goochers. It's baby stuff! Now come on, flip again. [to Vern] You gonna flip, or not?
[They flip their coins again, and this time all show tails except for Gordie]
Teddy: You lose, Gordie! [cackles] Gordie loses! Oh, Gordie just screwed the pooch! [laughs]
Gordie: Does the word "****ed" mean anything to you?
Teddy: Gordie, go and get the provisions, you morphadite!
Gordie: Don't call me any of your mother's pet names.
[Gordie gets up to leave]
Teddy: What a wet end you are, Lachance!
Gordie: Shut up!
Teddy: I don't shut up.
Vern, Chris, and Teddy: I grow up, and when I look at you, I throw up! [They point at each other's open mouths making gagging sounds]
Gordie: And then your mother goes around the corner and she licks it up.
Vern, Chris, and Teddy: Ooh!
The Writer: [voiceover] Finding new and, preferably, disgusting ways to degrade a friend's mother was always held in high regard.
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