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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water quotes

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View Quote [At Taco Haüs]
SpongeBob: [From inside] Is this where we're gonna build our time machine?
Plankton: [Inside the restaurant] Sure. It's got everything we need. A photo booth, a cuckoo clock, [The clock goes off] some day old chips. Now all we have to do is build it.
[SpongeBob plays his pitch pipe again but Plankton takes it into the photo booth]
Plankton: Oh, no, you don't.
SpongeBob: Hey, my pitch pipe.
Plankton: Uh, I need it for the time machine.
SpongeBob: Oh, okay. [Plankton smashes the pitch pipe with a hammer and flushes it down a toilet off-screen]
Plankton: [walks out of the photo booth] Installed!
[They start building the time machine, Plankton uses a big hammer while SpongeBob uses a small one, then SpongeBob pour a bucket of nuts and bolts into an opening at the top of the photo booth, then he saws a block of wood while Plankton holds on to the other end, then Plankton runs on a screwdriver while SpongeBob pushes it close slowly, they break for lunch where SpongeBob eats a taco while Plankton has a sausage, then SpongeBob tries to loop a pink thread through a needle when Plankton helps him, Plankton signals SpongeBob to install a tube into an opening, then he turns the clock hand backwards and the time machine starts up]
Plankton: I did it!
SpongeBob: No. We did it.
Plankton: Wait. We did do it. As a te-am.
SpongeBob: A team.
Plankton: Whatever.
SpongeBob/Plankton: ♪ Working together in harmony![SpongeBob and Plankton pops out of the Peanut Butter and Jam jars]
Side by side, we can reach our dreams, cause nothing's impossible, when we're a team!
[Back at Taco Haüs]
SpongeBob: [Carrying Karen into the time machine] Okay, now for the brains.
[Inside the time machine, he pushes Karen into the opening and she powers up]
Karen: Okay, Plankton, this is it. It's gonna take all my processors and energy to power this time machine. So, if you have anything you wanna tell me, you better tell me now.
Plankton: Well, Karen. I know I've taken you for granted all these years and I... I just wanted to say... I'm glad you're on my te-am.
Karen: Oh, Sheldon. That's the sweetest thing you've ever s--
[Plankton flips a switch and Karen shuts off and her screen flashes 12:00 AM, Plankton starts to cry]
SpongeBob: Plankton, are you crying?
Plankton: No, no, no, it's just one of the hazards of having a giant eyeball. [wipes his tear away] There's always stuff getting in there. Anyway, [Clears throat] where were we? [from outside the time machine] Say "cheese".
SpongeBob: [inserts a quarter in the coin slot] Cheese!
[They travel through a time space vortex where Squeeze Me by N.E.R.D. plays and they crash through a giant taco leaving their cartoony outlines, The Time Machine take SpongeBob and Plankton to a desert part of Bikini Bottom four days in the future, they step out and explore]
Plankton: According to my calculations, the Krusty Krab should be right here.
SpongeBob: What's that over there?
[Patrick turns around who is now rapidly aged with gray hair, eyebrows and a long beard]
Future Patrick: SpongeBob?
SpongeBob: Patrick?
Future Patrick: Is it really you?
SpongeBob: Yes, Patrick. It's–
Future Patrick: Finally! The Great Krabby Patty Famine is over!
SpongeBob: Great Krabby Patty Famine? Oh, what year is this?
Future Patrick: It's Thursday.
Plankton: According to my calculations, we've only gone 4 days into the future.
SpongeBob: Where is everybody?
Future Patrick: They all gave up on you but not me! 'Cause I'm not very smart.
SpongeBob: Where is the Krusty Krab?
Future Patrick: Right where it's always been.
[The wind blows a bunch of sand away revealing Patrick sitting on The Krusty Krab sign, SpongeBob gasps, then he and Plankton run back into the time machine]
[At the Krusty Krab two days in the past]
Past SpongeBob: [walks in, gasps] Plankton?!
Past Plankton: SpongeBob!?
Past SpongeBob: [time machine appears and SpongeBob and Plankton walk out] Plankton?! [gasps]
Past Plankton: SPONGEBOB?! Who are you two supposed to be?
Plankton: I'm you from the future.
SpongeBob: [points to his past self] And I'm him from the future!
Past Plankton: So you traveled back through time to help me? Great thinking!
SpongeBob: Nope. He's helping me.
Past SpongeBob: [gasps] But he's the enemy.
SpongeBob: Was the enemy. Now we're a team.
Past Plankton: What, a te-am?
Plankton: A team! All right, go get the formula.
[SpongeBob runs over to the safe]
Past SpongeBob: What have I become?
SpongeBob: All right, Plankton. [tries to grab the secret formula from Plankton's past self]
Past SpongeBob: Do you have flying boat mobiles in the future?
Plankton: We only came back from the day after tomorrow, dim wit.
Past SpongeBob: Are there rocket packs?
[SpongeBob trying to get the formula]
Past SpongeBob: Did they outlaw clothes in the future?
Plankton: NO!
Past SpongeBob: Then why are you naked?
Plankton: 'Cause they don't make clothes in my size.
SpongeBob: Hold still you! [SpongeBob tries to grab the formula when Plankton's past self runs away]
Past SpongeBob: If you're from the future, what am I gonna say next?
Plankton: Something moronic?
Past SpongeBob: Wow!
Plankton: Hey, hurry up over there!
Past Plankton: [SpongeBob knocks the decoy formula bottle off the pressure plate and the light goes on and it beeps; screams] Uh oh, that ain't good.
Computer Voice: [as a red light turns on and off] Initiating Lockdown Sequence.
Plankton: Come on, SpongeBob. We gotta get outta here.
SpongeBob: [grabs the fake formula thinking it's the real one] Got it!
Plankton: Come on!
[SpongeBob runs into the time machine and they return to the present]
SpongeBob and Plankton: [laughing together]
SpongeBob: Oh, that was crazy.
Plankton: So that's what teamwork is. All those years, I tried to make you mine and I finally did it. I mean, we did it!
[Back with Burger-Beard and the seagulls]
Burger-Beard: And so, it would seem that our heroes have accomplished all they had set out to do.
[Burger-Beard is seen reading and piloting the ship at the same time. He shuts the book]
Andy: Now that's an ending.
Seagull: Woohoo!
[As Burger-Beard starts his pirate ship]
Plankton: Where do you think you're going?
Burger-Beard: [he laughs at Plankton's small stature] Why don't you get going, little fella, before you hurt yourself?
[Plankton slides out of view, then he begins to lift the pirate ship. He is now Plank-Ton the muscular giant]
The Invincibubble: [surprised] Plankton?
Plank-Ton: It's Plank-Ton! [to Burger-Beard] Come on down from there, little fella. You wouldn't wanna get hurt. Huh?
[Burger-Beard climbs inside his ship and Plankton growls and he throws the ship into the air, catches it and spins it on his finger like a basketball and he pokes his head into a porthole of the ship]
Plank-Ton: Come out, come out wherever you are. Huh? [Burger-Beard squirts ketchup in Plank-Ton's face; screams] MY EYE!!
[He drops the pirate ship. It crashes into the street and Burger-Beard climbs out and runs away]
The Invincibubble: He's getting away!
Plank-Ton: [he jumps over to the ship] Ready for a Plank-Ton of bubbles?
[Invincibubble smiles at the idea. Plank-Ton picks him up by Invincibubble's legs, takes a deep breath and blows into Invincibubble's bubble wand creating lots of bubbles coming after Burger Beard. The bubbles clear to show Plank-Ton holding Burger-Beard in his fingers and he tries to run]
Plank-Ton: The formula, please.
Burger-Beard: Come on. Team up with me. We'll be rich and powerful! Huh?
Plank-Ton: No, thanks. I'm already part of a teamwork.
[Burger-Beard gives Plank-Ton the formula and he kicks Burger-Beard back to Bikini Atoll where he his body is buried in the sand. He mutters nonsense]
View Quote [asks Burger-Beard] Where do you think you're going?
View Quote [emerges from SpongeBob's sock] Note to self: Never stow away in that gym sock.
View Quote [he lifts up his shirt to show that he has...] Rock-hard abs! [puts his shirt down then playfully punches SpongeBob's arm] Aw, SpongeBob, you're okay in my book.
View Quote [last lines; to Plankton] See you later, te-am-mate!
View Quote [seeing a bare foot] Maybe this guy knows where we are. He looks smart. He's got five heads.
View Quote [seeing an Ice cream cone] Ahh...Where have you been all my life?
View Quote [sees that he doesn't have his claw] Oh yeah. [he retracts his claw and Burger Beard frees himself and escapes]
View Quote [thinking] Wait a minute... I think I forgot to empty Gary's litter box today.
View Quote [to Burger-Beard, as he and his friends prepares for the final battle] We'll take one secret formula... [camera zooms towards SpongeBob's face] go.
View Quote [to Burger-Beard, as he prepares to defeat with his claws] Not so fast, Booger Beard!
View Quote [to Plankton] Maybe we should split up the work load. [points to Jupiter] You watch the one with the big red eye, [points to Saturn] and I'll watch the one with the ringy thingies, like a team.
View Quote [to Squidward] Well, maybe if you didn't have four feet!
View Quote [to the customers] I'm not your enemy! [while holding a "WANTED" sign with a picture of Plankton on it] Plankton is your enemy!
View Quote All right, Burger Beard, prepare to be teamworked! [Burger Beard: I'm going to scrub my armpits with you.] Uh, I don't get it.