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View Quote [After Sandman is washed away] Good riddance.
View Quote [After Spider-Man, corrupted by the black suit, destroys Eddie's camera] What the hell?!
View Quote [after symbiote transformation he slept, later awakens] Where am I? (hangs upside down and turns over the mirror of his new suit) What is this? I feel. Wow. This feels good. (trys out his new suit) This is something else.
View Quote [After taking a huge beating from corrupt Peter] You gonna kill me like you killed my father?
View Quote [Before him and corrupt Peter fight in his mansion] When she kissed me... it was just like she used to kiss me... that taste...[inhales deeply] Strawberries!
View Quote [Corrupted by the black suit, Peter asks for a table inside the jazz club to a waitress] Find us some shade. Thanks, hot legs.
View Quote [Dancing around in the night club] Now dig on this!
View Quote [Dumping sand from his boot after losing to Sandman and spitting sand out] Where do all these guys come from? Ptoo!
View Quote [end of PS3 game, closing narration] This should be a happy ending. I beat the villain, brought a family back together, and got the girl. But it's not that easy. Being Spider-Man always comes with a price, and today that price was a steep one. What keeps me going are my Uncle Ben's words: "With great power comes great responsibility." In the end, people need heroes. As tough as it gets some days, I have to fight on. Maybe the best way to honor the people I love... is to never stop being your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
View Quote [Flying in front of Peter after throwing him on a wall] You knew this was coming, Pete.
View Quote [From the trailer] I need your help. I have to stop it.
View Quote [from trailer] We have to forgive ourselves, or everything we ever were will mean nothing.
View Quote [grabbing Venom, thinking he's Spider-Man] End of the line, Spider-Man!
View Quote [Hearing the news that Sandman finally appeared] Marko. [Goes to his closets and gets his Spider-Man suit, but realizing his suit would get damage; he opens the chest and takes his new black suit instead].
View Quote [last words before Peter about to throw a pumpkin bomb at the symbiote] Peter! What are you doing?! NO! GA-AH! [screams as he tries to bond the symbiote, and then killed by the explosion along with it]