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Southland Tales

Southland Tales quotes

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Boxer Santaros
Cyndi Pinziki
Krysta Now
Pilot Abilene

View Quote [to Boxer] I love you, Jericho Cane.
View Quote Darkness fell upon the city. Neo-Marxist cells began to converge upon downtown.
View Quote I'm a pimp... and pimps don't commit suicide.
View Quote Join us for an in-depth discussion of the penetrating issues facing society today. Issues like abortion, terrorism, crime, poverty, social reform, quantum teleportation, teen horniness and war.
View Quote My character... he realizes that the apocalyptic crime rate is because of global deceleration. The rotation of the earth is slowing down at a rate of point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero six miles per hour each day disrupting the chemical equilibrium in the human brain causing very irrational criminal behavior.
View Quote Nobody rocks the **** like Cyndi Pinziki!
View Quote Nothing an eight ball, a porn star and a tattoo parlor can't handle.
View Quote Proposition 69. To Krysta that number had one meaning, and one meaning only. To everyone else it was a proposition on the ballot to restrict the powers of the oppressive institution known as USIDent.
View Quote Revelation 21: And God wiped away the tears from his eyes, so the new Messiah could see out to the new Jerusalem. His name was Officer Roland Taverner, of Hermosa Beach, California. My best friend. He is a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide.
View Quote Scientists are saying the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted.
View Quote The fourth dimension will collapse upon itself... you stupid bitch.
View Quote This is the way the World ends. This is the way the World ends. This is the way the World ends. Not with a whimper, but with a bang.
View Quote Three days. Three final days. It all ends tonight.
View Quote We're a bisexual nation living in denial. All because of a bunch of nerds. A bunch of nerds who got off a boat in the 15th century and decided that sex was something to be ashamed of. All the Pilgrims did was ruin the American Indian orgy of freedom.
View Quote When the shit hits the fans, it all smells the same.