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View Quote [about Sonic] It talks.
View Quote [As his vehicles/robots show to have smaller ones in each] Ever wonder where your tax dollars are going?
View Quote [confronting three thugs] Pop quiz, hotshot: you just picked a fight with a poorly-disguised hedgehog who's seen way too many action movies. What do you do? What do you do?
View Quote [during the final battle when Sonic revives with blue electricity] I think you have something that belongs to me! [uses his electric powers to absorb the energy from the stolen quill Robotnik is using to power his hovercraft, facing down Robotnik] This is my power, and I'm not using it to run away anymore. I am using it to protect my friends!
View Quote [Following Sonic up the Great Pyramid] You're not allowed up there! It's one of the Seven Wonders!
View Quote [last decision before defeating Robotnik] Guess what, Eggman? I'm not leaving Earth. You are!
View Quote [On the "mushroom planet", Robotnik has shaved his hair, becoming fully bald and now has a overgrown mustache] My grasp on sanity remains... absolute. [Turns his head] Isn't that right, Agent Stone? [We see a stone carving of what is supposed to be Agent Stone. Robotnik picks up the rock]  Why don't you get a head start? [Tosses the rock]  Do some "Rock-Connaissance"! HAHAHAHAHA! "ROCK-CONNAISSANCE"! Come on, that's hilarious! [Bumps a mushroom] What's the matter with you?! [Picks up his doctor’s log, which reads, DOCTOR’S LOG: DAY 87] Here's the sitch: Uninhabited planet, no resources, no supplies, no apparent way home. A lesser man would die here.[looks at Sonic's quill in his hand] I'll be home by Christmas! [Robotnik puts the capsule away and puts his flight goggles on and starts imitating a robot, making servo noises with each turn of his body as he walks. He sees the stone carving of Agent Stone again, picks it up, and throws it one last time.] "ROCK-CONNAISANCE"! [laughs manically] Come on, cheer up!
View Quote [Surprised at Sonic pushing Tom and Maddie off the top of the Transamerica Pyramid] I was not expecting that. [shrugs] But I was expecting not to expect something, so it doesn't count.
View Quote [to Bennington] The Doctor thinks you're basic.
View Quote [to Tom, finding one of Sonic's quills] Look at that. I was right. Note the lack of surprise. Shall we try this again? I'm going to give you 5 seconds to tell me where it is.
View Quote [Tom tries to throw Robotnik's sticky bomb away] It's going, it's going...[sees it's on Tom's hand] It's still there.
View Quote [when Sonic's continuing to destroy his robots] OHHH!! GIVE ME A BIG, FAT, BREAK!
View Quote Blue alien hedgehogs are people too.
View Quote Good times. [farts]
View Quote Gotta go fast!