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View Quote He's right, Grace. I'm not his father.
View Quote Here's my plan: we trick her into acting like us. Being naugthy! We use all her goodness against her. Once that happened, she feel like she is part of our "family".
View Quote Holy Smurf!
View Quote I bet my glutes look great climbing up this rope. Grouchy, take a look.
View Quote I sure hope Smurfette's here.
View Quote I'm too beautiful to die!
View Quote I've had Hefty's crystal shoved down my throat, got attacked as a corn dog, fell down a sewer, and if that wasn't smelly enough, had to travel by armpit just to find out we're all gonna be extinct!
View Quote Is this what happy feels like?
View Quote It doesn't matter where you came from. What matters is who you choose to be.
View Quote Just break it already!
View Quote Life is the most precious thing to protect.
View Quote Listen to me, Patrick. I loved your mother with all my heart. I took care of Jeannette, and I made her happy. I also chose to love you as my own. Now, I didn't have to do that. But you were this little kid, no father, no hope in his eyes, a big hole in his heart, so I gave you everything I could. But I'm done, you know? You don't want it, that's fine. My last word of advice to you is this... Will you grow up? Stop blaming everyone else for your pain. And whatever you do, don't teach that beautiful son of yours that love is conditional, because it is not.
View Quote Oh, Papa.
View Quote Sing the Lala song! SING IT!
View Quote Smurfette can never being tricked into being one of them.