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View Quote "Pistol" Pete Deeks — Peter Berg
View Quote 2006 films
View Quote Darwin: Alright enough grab assin' goddamn it. Get them suits and the car, pitch those three poor fellows in the lake, and y'all find me over at the hotel.
View Quote Darwin:[manipulating Jack Dupree's mouth] I forgive you Darwin. Darwin: Shoot, I appreciate that man.
Dupree: If me and my brothers were in trouble with the law and we needed your car, we woulda done the same to you.
Darwin: You really mean that?
Dupree: Uh, hell yeah. We was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, so don't feel so bad, chief. You know up here in heaven it's beautiful. I'm gonna see you up here some day.
Darwin: You think so?
Dupree: I know so. [Darwin lifts Dupree's eyelids and manipulates his mouth making it look like he is smiling]
View Quote Hollis: If this Israel really is the great white whale of snitches then why are we messing with the mob who are, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they're gonna pour boxes of bullets inta' his ass. What incentive is there to track him on something as smalltime as a ****ing skiptrace.
View Quote Hollis: No I'm gonna go to Kentucky and take Fort Knox with a sling shot then I'm gonna go into hell after Hitler.
View Quote Hollis: You're investigating those murders out at the lake? Three men were ambushed and shot, two died and had their bodies dumped in the lake. The other has severe hypothermia, possible dementia, and will likely be a multiple amputee by weeks end if he even ****ing lives that long.[[Referring to Darwin what he just did to him.]
View Quote Hollis: [Before killing Darwin] **** this.
View Quote Pete: Put the ****ing rabbit down.
View Quote Pete: Well then, quit acting like someone took a shit in your cereal bowl. Reed payed us fifty grand.
View Quote Pete: Would you please find your fangs, you ****ing coward, and get with this.
View Quote [mimicking Russian accent] A cinammon roll, the roll of the cinammon? That looks like a jizz. Yeah, Eastern European jizz. That looks like some ****head shot his load on a $12,000 calf skin jacket. The twist is it's my $12,000 calf skin jacket. Okay so you got the semen. You got the human ejaculate that has been allowed to sink in for seven hours alright, work its way into the fabric ****ing fibers.
View Quote A million-dollar hit could draw some huge flies, and Acosta is pure mercenary. He is known for taking on serious contracts and he certainly is not alone.
View Quote Action thriller films
View Quote Agent Carruthers — Ray Liotta