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Mark: I had two bags of grass in this kitchen. They are always trying to stiff me, you know?
Stevo: Who is?
Mark: Who? Everybody. You know I give to everybody, Stevo. You know that. And they just go ahead and try to take whatever they want. It makes me want to kill...which I've done in the past, believe me. I'm not saying it makes me a man or anything. I'm just passing on the information.
Stevo: When did you kill?
Mark: In Miami I shot two men. Why do you think I'm here? 'Cause I love this place? 'Salt Lake Shitty'? They tried to rob me, so I shot them in the head. You have to put at least one bullet in the head just to make sure.
Stevo: Get out of here. Come on. You didn't kill anybody. **** you.
Mark: You don't believe me, huh? Well...[pulls revolver out of a nearby drawer]
Stevo: Hey.
Mark: With this. You want to be a cowboy, I show you cowboy. [waves gun around at Stevo]
Stevo: Come on. Just put that thing away. I hate those things. [laughs] Put it away, I get the joke. Now put it away.
Mark: When I was a kid, my family died in a crash.
Stevo: [closes the open drawer] I know.
Mark: You know? My mother told me to buckle up because things were going to get I did. I looked at her, and she smiled. And then like this, boom, the plane was going down. My dad was next to the pilot, and he told us not to worry. But, hey, even at five I knew we had trouble because the pilot was crying. So I looked at my sister and she was like "Oh, man. We're getting close". So I looked at my mom again, and she smiled at me again...and so this time I smiled. And then we hit the ground, and something came through that plane...and cut my mother's head off. So now this head was flying straight at me, and she never took her eyes off of me. That's when I passed out. And when I woke up, my family was all around me in pieces. I saw my mother's arm, my sister's brother's head...but I couldn't find my father. I wanted to, though...'cause I was going to kick his ****IN' dead body - 'Cause he lied. You know what I'm trying to tell you, Stevo? It's so easy, so easy to get it taken away from you. And they try...every chance they get, they try.
Stevo: It's bad...I mean, it's really bad.
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