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Starla Grady quotes

View Quote We're all capable of doing bad things. Lord knows I've done my share. Things I'm truly ashamed of. But should my life, so young and full of sweet promise, be tragically cut before it ever had a chance to shine? If I ever get out of here, as God is my witness, somebody's gonna pay. Or, as the great German philosopher Freddy Nitsche once said, 'that which does not kill us is gonna wish it had, because we're about to Fed-ex its sorry ass back to Skank Central where it came from.' Or something like that.
View Quote It doesn't get better than this. If only I had seen the writing on the wall...I just didn't know it was in French.
View Quote Oh yeah, and don't get me started on monsieur LeDuke—Mister 'I'm married but teenage girls make me pop my jimmy in my fruit de looms.'
View Quote [in a french exam] j'ai une bouche comme dix doigts et dix doigts comme une bouche...
View Quote Whatcha reading? [Randolph shows her a copy of 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Philip K. Dick] Oh, I like Dicks. haha
View Quote I'm going to get you, Kermit, you're going down!
View Quote She went through this whole catholic thing—kissing my knees and calling herself a whore. It was like Taxicab Confessions.
View Quote You messed with the wrong cooze, flooze. Get ready to par-tee!
View Quote I didn't find her she found me, WHO IS SHE?
View Quote [After slapping her boyfriend] You are so fired as my boyfriend!
View Quote [After slapping Kyle and Genevieve in different scenes at the Newscaster of the Year contest] Slapping people is fun.
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