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She's All That

She's All That quotes

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View Quote Dean: His dad owns Harrison Ford.
Laney: The actor?
Dean: No, the car dealership.
View Quote Dean: I mean, the girl's an institution in this place. Every girl wants to be her, and every guy wants to nail her.
Preston: Basically she's you, with tits.
View Quote Dean: Is that a no?
Laney: That's a hell no.
View Quote Jesse: I'm Jesse Jackson. I'm not a good dancer.
Mackenzie: I'm Mac. I go to school with 500 chicks.
View Quote Laney: Screw the dolphins.
Jesse: A guy tried that last year, banned from Sea World for life.
View Quote Laney: Simon! Simon, I have got your breakfast! Are you up?
Simon: Give me a couple of minutes.
Laney: Simon Boggs, there are children in Mexico who have already been up for three hours making clothes for corporate America.[1]
View Quote Laney: Sir, have you reached a decision?
Man: Yes I have. Supersize my balls.
View Quote Mackenzie: Nothing personal, Laney, but this particular... coif, doesn't really go with your face shape.
Laney: What do you have in mind?
Mackenzie: Well, I have an idea.
Laney: What kind of idea?
Mackenzie: ...You'd really have to trust me.
View Quote Mackenzie: When was the last time you tweezed?
Laney: What?
Mackenzie: I mean your eyebrows.
Laney: Never, why?
Mackenzie: Ever watch Sesame Street?
Laney: Yeah.
Mackenzie: You know Bert?
View Quote Melissa: He spoke to me!
Girl #2: He called you Connie!
Melissa: So?
Girl #2: Your name is Melissa!
View Quote Taylor: Careful of what? OK, I could win this thing in florescent lighting, on the first day of my period, cloaked in tacky rags. Okay? My mother was prom queen in '71, my cousin - prom queen in '82, and my sister would have been prom queen in '94 if it wasn't for that scam on the Conway Bed tour bus, okay? I am a goddamn legacy, all right? And besides, not to be a bitch, but who's gonna beat Taylor Vaughan?
Katie: God, I hope that's not your acceptance speech.
View Quote Taylor: Jump up my ass Zach.
Zach: Been there, done that.
View Quote Taylor: [spilling drink on Laney] Oh, Oopsie. You know, you really should be more careful with silk.
Laney: Thank you.
Taylor: Excuse me?
Laney: Thank you. For a minute there, I forgot why I avoided places like this and people like you.
Taylor: Avoided us? Honey, look around you. To everyone here who matters, you're vapor, you're spam, a waste of perfectly good yearbook space, and nothing's ever gonna change that.
[Laney's eyes tear up] Taylor: Oh, you aren't going to cry are you?
View Quote Zach: Brock Hudson? What kind of a name is that?
Taylor: What kind of a name is "Zach?" OK, Brock is from "The Real World."
Zach: What, Reseda?
Taylor : No, like the TV show. "Real World LA", second season, hello!
Zach: The dyslexic volleyball guy? They kicked him out of the house.
View Quote Zach: Has anyone see Taylor?
Chandler: What?
Zach: You know, Taylor, my girlfriend.
Dean: Kinda tall, yells at everyone?