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Sherlock Holmes: [Visualizing his final fight with Moriarty; thinking] His advantage: My injury. My advantage: His rage [After lighting Holmes' pipe, Moriarty attacks, Holmes tries to block him, exchanging blows] Incoming assault feral... but experienced. Use his momentum to counter. [Holmes starts to block and counter Moriarty's punches and punches him in the face]
Professor James Moriarty: [Visualizing the same fight with Holmes; thinking] Come now, you really think you're the only one that can play this game? [Moriarty takes punch from Holmes and locks his left arm while hitting Holmes' injured right shoulder] Chop arm, target weakness. [Swings Holmes into a pillar] Follow with haymaker.
Sherlock Holmes: [Countering Moriarty's haymakers] Ah, there we find the boxing champion of Cambridge. [Punches Moriarty]
Professor James Moriarty: Competent, but predictable. [Blocks and catches Holmes' left arm] Now, allow me to reply [Blocks Holmes' right punch and jabs his injured shoulder]
Sherlock Holmes: Arsenal running dry, adjust strategy. [Holmes tries to kick at Moriarty's feet, he counters, and starts to overpower Holmes]
Professor James Moriarty: [Slams Holmes against a table] Wound taking its toll. [Twists Holmes' injured arm and shoulder]
Sherlock Holmes: As I feared. Injury makes defense untenable. [Moriarty twists Holmes onto the railing of the balcony] Prognosis: Increasingly negative [Moriarty is able to hit Holmes more freely and block any desperate punches from Holmes]
Professor James Moriarty: Let's not waste anymore of one another's time. We both know how this ends. [Moriarty pushes Holmes over the railing, to the falls below.]
[Cuts back to Holmes and Moriarty looking at one another, Moriarty lighting Holmes' pipe]
Sherlock Holmes: [Smiles at Moriarty, who smiles back; thinking] Conclusion: Inevitable. Unless...[As Moriarty finishes lighting his pipe, Holmes blows the embers into Moriarty's face, stunning him, allowing Holmes to grapple him and pull them both back against the railing. Just then, Watson shows up, seeing them. Holmes looks at Watson, then closes his eyes, kicking off a table and flipping both him and Moriarty over the railing.]
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