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Dr. John Watson: [in the train, watching for attackers with his gun ready] How many were you expecting?
Sherlock Holmes: Half a dozen.
Dr. John Watson: Who are they?
Sherlock Holmes: A wedding present from Moriarty. [to Mary] Lovely ceremony by the way. Many a tear shed in joy.
Mary Watson: Oh John!
Dr. John Watson: [shoots] Yes, just a minute, darling!
Sherlock Holmes: Do you trust me?
Mary Watson: No!
Sherlock Holmes: Well then I should have to... do something about that. [As they cross a bridge, he pushes Mary out of the train, and she falls into the river]
Dr. John Watson: [shoots] Who’s up to bat next, you bas****? [fires] Send out the fast bowler!
Sherlock Holmes: John, do shut the door. [Watson does it, looks around, and realises that Mary is gone] It had to be done! [Watson runs to the other door and looks out] She’s safe now! In my own defence... [Watson attacks him and punches him] I timed it perfectly!
Dr. John Watson: Did you kill my wife?! Did you just kill my new wife?!
Sherlock Holmes: Of course not!
Dr. John Watson: [slaps him] What do you mean? How do you know that when you just threw her off a train?!
Sherlock Holmes: I told you I timed it perfectly!
Dr. John Watson: What does that mean?! [They struggle] Explain!
Sherlock Holmes: By the time I explain, we'll both be dead! [Moriarty's henchmen open the door and one of them aims a rifle, which is jammed with a lipstick cap inserted into the barrel; lengthy flashback begins showing that Holmes has replaced a bullet in an ammo belt with a tube of lipstick and shoves the cap in the rifle barrel, before covering the henchmen in phosphorus dust; in real time, the henchman fires, the cap creates a squib load, the barrel ruptures, igniting the phosphorus, causing the henchman to burst into flames]
Sherlock Holmes: That was no accident. It was by design. Now, do you need me to elaborate, or can we just crack on?
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