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Shark Tale

Shark Tale quotes

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View Quote [In Oscar's fantasy]
Angie: Dreams can begin small. You just have to... bet it all. Bet it all!
Announcer: And Lucky Day wins.
View Quote [Oscar finds out from Luca that Don Lino had captured Angie in order to force a sit-down]
Oscar: They got Angie. And they want a sit-down. I never meant for anybody to get hurt, especially not Angie. This is all my fault.
Sykes: That's a classic move. I've seen it a thousand times.
Lenny: They take the thing you love the most, and then they use it against you.
Oscar: [after a moment of silence] Look, we gotta go to that sit-down, and we gotta save her.
Lenny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Look, I wanna save Angie, too. But I can't just waltz in there and say, "Hi, Pop, I'm a dolphin!"
Sykes: Lenny?
Lenny: "And my friend the Sharkslayer here's a fake!"
Sykes: Fake?
Lenny: Come on, we're gonna need a better plan than that!
Sykes: [laughs] This is a joke, right? This is a joke. Because you know, I told Lino... [suddenly flashes back to his phone call with Lino]
Sykes: [over phone] Shut up, Lino. Shut up! [Don Lino growls]
[After flashback, Sykes inflates in a fit of panic]
Sykes: [in a high-pitched voice] Tell me you didn't make it all up, kid! Tell me that's not Lenny! Tell me you're a real Sharkslayer, please!
Oscar: [sadly] I'm sorry, Sykes. I'm not. [his mood suddenly brightens] But the sharks don't know that.
View Quote [Oscar is pretending to battle Lenny in front of the fish city.]
Oscar: Do you hear them, Lenny?! They are going crazy, man! They love us!
Lenny: They love you. They hate me!
Oscar: [shocked] What?!
Lenny: Can we switch sides? Maybe I can be the Fishslayer! They'll never see it comin'!
Oscar: Come on, man! Look. You sell this, you'll never have to go home again! You could start a new life! [Lenny nods his head understandingly] Now gimme a growl!
Lenny: Okay. [purrs; he then clears his throat and roars loudly in Oscar's face] Like that?
Oscar: That was... pretty good!
View Quote [The record player gets stuck while Lino talks with Sykes.]
Don Lino: Luca.
[Luca moves the needle; the record player plays Baby Got Back by Six Mix-a-Lot; Luca quickly moves the needle again and it cuts off.]
Luca: Hey, boss, big butts! [chuckles]
Don Lino: Oy vey!
View Quote [Lenny accidentally eats Oscar] Oscar: Don't... swallow!
Lenny: Oscar?
Oscar:: No, it's Pinocchio. Of course it's me! Why did you do that?!
Lenny: I'm sorry...
Oscar: No, "sorry" is when you step on somebody's fin at the theater! Yeah, that's "sorry"! "Sorry" is when you say "Hey, when's the baby due?" and it turns out the person's just FAT! No, this is as far away from "sorry" as you can possibly get!
Lenny: Oscar, I think I'm gonna puke...
Oscar: Oh, no, no, no, no... Lenny, just open up, nice and easy.
View Quote [Sykes is talking to Lino over the phone] Oscar: Sykes, shut up! Shut up!
Sykes: Hey, that's good. That's good, I like that! Shut up, Lino! Ha! Shut up! Oh, kid, he wants to talk to you.
Oscar: [whispers] No. I'm not here. I'm not here!
Sykes: Yeah, he's right here. [hands Oscar the phone]
Oscar: Hello?
Don Lino: [furious] Shut up? Shut up?! You don't tell me "Shut up"! I tell you "Shut up"!
[As he talks beeping is heard on the other side of the phone]
Don Lino: What? Hello?
Luca: Yeah, hi. Lemme have a pie with everything on it. Anchovies, Meatballs, Mushrooms–
Don Lino: [startled] Luca?
Luca: Oh, hi, boss. What are you doin' workin' at a pizza joint?
Don Lino: Get off the phone!
Luca: But I'm hungry! [Luca reluctantly hangs up]
Don Lino: [shakes his head in frustration, then returns his attention to Oscar.] My guys are comin' for you, Shark Slayer! They're gonna tear you FIN FROM FIN! [slams the phone down hanging up too]
View Quote [The Four Tops: I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)] Lenny: Hey, Oscar!
Oscar: Hey, I can't talk. I gotta find Angie. I need to tell her I love her.
Man: [singing] You come and you go...
Male Fish: Way to go, Oscar.