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Sidney Prescott: 300 people watched. Nobody did anything. They thought it was a publicity for Christ sakes.
Randy Meeks: [Speaking in an Australian accent humorously] And it would have been a good one too.
Sidney Prescott: It's starting again, Randy.
Randy Meeks: It's not. A lot of shit happens at the movies. People get robbed, shot, maimed, murdered. Movie theaters are very dangerous places to be these days.
Sidney Prescott: [persistent] Yeah, and you are in extreme denial.
Randy Meeks: You should be too. This has nothing to do with us.
Sidney Prescott: [frantic] Randy! A guy in a ghost mask hacked up two people in a movie theater filming our life story.
Randy Meeks: Coincidence?
Sidney Prescott: You know what happened at Woodsboro, Randy. You can't ignore it.
Randy Meeks: [speaking normally now] I know, Sid, and I don't want to go back there again. Can't we just go back to our pseudo-quasi happy existence?
[Derek, Sidney's boyfriend catches up with them]
Randy Meeks: HELLO DEREK, how you doing?
Derek: [kisses Sidney] Hi Sid, I heard you weren't in class.
Sidney Prescott: Yeah I know. I skipped it because I couldn't take the "Death to her" looks.
Derek: Is there anything I could do?
Sidney Prescott: Yeah, do you have any tricks for getting back to a pseudo-quasi happy existence?
Derek: [thinking decisively] You know? I might just have one for that.
Randy Meeks: Oh yeah, what is that?
[Derek turns to Sidney, brings her in for a couple romantic kisses while Randy looks away, jealous & embarrassed]
Sidney Prescott: [smiles] That was pretty good.
[Derek & Sidney walk away]
Randy Meeks: Get a room.
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