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[Gale smokes a cigarette, stops, turns to Dewey and Randy]
Gale Weathers: Sorry. All right, Let's just assume the killer is repeating Woodsboro...
[Gale's phone rings; she answers it]
Gale Weathers: Yes?
Gale's Agent: [on the phone] I have Bob calling.
Gale Weathers: I'll have to call you back. [hangs up phone]
Randy Meeks: That doesn't explain Sidney's attack. Sidney wasn't killed in Woodsboro. Wasn't for a lack of trying. The killer is trying to finish what was started.
Gale Weathers: Well Sid's under protection, right?
Randy Meeks: Yeah.
[Gale's phone rings again; she answers it]
Gale Weathers: What?
Gale's Agent: [on the phone] Bob really needs to talk to you.
Gale Weathers: Tell Bob I'll call him back. [hangs up phone]
Deputy Dewey Riley: When'd she start smoking?
Randy Meeks: Ever since those nude pictures on the internet.
Gale Weathers: It was just my head. It was Jennifer Aniston's body. Anyway, you're forgetting something. In Woodsboro, there were more victims before the homestretch.; Tatum, my cameraman, Himbry...---
Joel: Time out! I don't need to be hearing about no dead cameramen, all right? Now I'm warning you guys. I am a verb away from vacating these premises. I'm gonna get me some coffee, donuts, Prozac, see If I can find some crack, Special KX, "not Malcolm and I'll be back when you guys start talking about something a little more Saved By The Bellish, all right?
[Joel leaves]
Deputy Dewey Riley: He seems a little shaky.
Gale Weathers: Don't worry about him. If the killer is following a pattern, maybe we can figure out who's next.
Deputy Dewey Riley: I wouldn't follow a killer's pattern. We were all involved In Woodsboro. Could be any one of us.
Gale Weathers: So what do you wanna do, bonehead? Sit here, wait and see who drops next?
Deputy Dewey Riley: Well, I don't know... [Gale's phone rings again] "Phonehead"!
[Gale's phone kept ringing; Randy gets her phone and answers it]
Randy Meeks: Gale's not here!---
Phone Voice: I'm not interrupting anything, am I? You three look deep in thought. Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath? [the voice laughs evilly]
Randy Meeks: It's him.
Deputy Dewey Riley: Who?
Randy Meeks: The killer. He can see us.
Deputy Dewey Riley: Just keep him on the phone.
Randy Meeks: What do you want me to say?
Deputy Dewey Riley: I-I don't know. Just keep him talking. Come on, Gale.
Randy Meeks: Uh... Hi. -
Gale Weathers: What are we doing?
Deputy Dewey Riley: Look for somebody with a cell phone.
Randy Meeks: So, uh... what's your favorite scary movie?
Phone Voice: You'll never find me.
Randy Meeks: What do you care? Let'em have their fun. So, uh... what's up?
Phone Voice: What's your favorite scary movie?
Randy Meeks: Showgirls. Absolutely frightening. What's yours? Wait. Let me guess. The House on Soroity Row? The Dorm that dripped blood? Splatter university? Graduation day? Final exam? Am I close?
Phone Voice: Closer than you think. [A random person bumps into Randy] Too slow, geek. Do you want to die?
Randy Meeks: Is that the best you can do? Because Billy and Stu were much more original.
Phone Voice: Why are you even here, Randy? You'll never be the leading man.
Randy Meeks: ****! YOU!
Phone Voice: No matter how hard you try, you'll never be the hero and you'll never, ever get the girl.
[Randy attacks a man on a phone next to a van, believing he's the killer, but he's not]
Randy Meeks: Sorry.
Phone Voice: Wrong guy, dead boy.
Randy Meeks: Oh, yeah? Well, let's re-direct the moment, Mr. I'm So Original. Huh? Where's your motivation? Huh? Why copycat two high school loser ass dickheads? Stu was a pussy ass wet rag. And Billy Loomis? Billy Loomis, what the ****? Jesus! What a rat looking homo repressed momma's boy! Why not set your goals higher, huh? You wanna be one of the big boys? Huh? Manson, Bundie, O.J, Son of...
[Ghostface attacks Randy and kills him]
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