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Gale Weathers: Hello, Sidney.
[Sidney turns to Gale with Joel who began to record their interview]
Gale Weathers: How are you?
Sidney Prescott: Hi... What do you want, Gale?
Gale Weathers: Well, I was hoping I might get just a few words with you.
[Cotton appears]
Sidney Prescott: Cotton.
Cotton Weary: Hi, Sidney.
[Gale starts her report, while Joel is recording]
Gale Weathers: [reporting] "Here we are at Windsor College, where Sidney Prescott has just been reunited with Cotton Weary for the first time, since she wrongly accused him of murdering her mother."---
Sidney Prescott: [interrupts her interview] What the hell are you doing?
Gale Weathers: We want to know how you feel? [continues her interview] Tell us everything that's happened, looking back on the last two years?
[Gale aims her microphone to Cotton, who began to talk to Sidney]
Cotton Weary: Uh Sidney, I'd just like to say that I forgive and forget. And just like you, I'd like to get back on with my own life.
Gale Weathers: [reporting] Do you have any comments?
Sidney Prescott: You... bitch!--- [lunging at Gale]
Gale Weathers: Ah-ah.
Derek Feldman: [stops Sidney and calms her down] Whoa, Hey, hey, hey hey, Deep breaths, Lot of deep breaths.
[Sidney began to leave]
Gale Weathers: Oh Sidney, share with us, please!--- [Sidney turns around and slaps Gale in the face]
Sidney Prescott: [lunges at Gale] I'll share with you!
[Derek manage to grab Sidney away from Gale]
Derek Feldman: Okay, okay, okay.
[Hallie walks to Joel]
Hallie McDaniel: [to Joel] Did you get that on film?
Joel: [mocks Hallie while recording] "Yes, I got that on film"!
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