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The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep quotes

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St├ęphane Miroux

View Quote St?phanie: Distraction is an obstruction to the construction.
View Quote St?phanie: Things will turn out the way you want, if you stop doubting that I love you.
View Quote Guy: [after throwing his TV into the canal] It floats!
Stephane: Yeah, it floats.
Guy: Maybe the fish will enjoy that crap.
View Quote St?phanie: How's your head?
Stephane: It's okay. It's not normal though...
St?phanie: It's never going to be.
View Quote St?phanie: I have big hands.
Stephane: That means you have a large penis. [embarrassed] ...That was inappropriate.
View Quote St?phanie: Why me?
Stephane: Because everyone else is boring. And because you're different. You don't like me, St?phanie.
View Quote St?phanie:I'm not sure I should accept this gift. Why do I deserve a present anyway?
Stephane: Because...for the occasion that you are pretty.
View Quote Stephane: [Shows 3-D glasses] You can see real life in 3-D.
St?phanie: Isn't life already in 3-D?
Stephane: No but, yeah but, come on.
View Quote Stephane: It's like touching your penis with your left hand.
St?phanie: I don't have a penis.
Stephane: But you have a left hand.
View Quote Are you trying to mock me on the air?
View Quote I am collecting beautiful objects. A pair of shoes. Some glasses. Telephone. Typewriter. They are made from wood and felt. With apparent stitches. Their delicate and finished appearance is friendly. And they are quiet.
View Quote I am your neighbor and a liar. By the way, do you have Zoe's number?
View Quote I like it when you cry, because it means you have to wear your glasses. No, actually I don't like it when you cry. I find it horrible. Especially when it's not for me.
View Quote I like your boobs. I think they're very friendly and unpretentious.
View Quote I love her because she makes things. You know? She makes things with her hands. It's as if her synapses was married directly to her fingers. [wiggles fingers] Like this. In this way.