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[Ned and Patty arrive home and see Dewey sulking at the table]
Patty: I have nothing to say to you.
Ned: Me neither.
Dewey: Okay, I'm goin' to bed.
Patty: You know, Dewey, it's one thing to throw your life away, but then to put Ned's career in jeopardy is so selfish!
Dewey: Hey! You're the one who told me to be like Ned and get a job.
Patty: Yeah, yeah, I told you to be like Ned, Dewey! I didn't tell you to be Ned! And you're not even gonna apologize?
Dewey: YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SHOULD APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING THE COPS! It's not like I murdered anybody! I just wanted to play a great show! I was this close!
Ned: SHUT UP!!!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Would you both just cut it out for one second?!
[Patty mutters something under her breath, then leaves]
Dewey: Look, I'm sorry, dude. I was desperate. You can't understand. It was easy for you to give up music. It ain't easy for me.
Ned: It wasn't easy for me. I miss it.
Dewey: Well, then why'd you give it up?
Ned: 'Cause I couldn't keep kidding myself anymore. You can blame it all on bad luck, but in the end, maybe we just weren't that good. Sometimes, you gotta know when to quit.
Dewey: Maybe you're right, maybe I suck.
Ned: That's not what I said.
Dewey: Well, music is my life, man. What do you want me to do?
Ned: I don't know, but... I think it's time you moved out. Sorry.

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