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Bernard: Where are you going?
Scott: You know this, Number One. Its Christmas. I've got to deliver gifts.
Bernard: Aren't you forgetting something?
Scott: No.
Bernard: You gotta get married.
Carol: Excuse me?
Scott: Carol, I... I cannot continue being Santa...unless I find a Mrs. Claus.
Carol: Oh. So that's what the whole noodles and pie thing...You just needed to find a wife.
Scott: No.
Carol: No?
Scott: Yes.
Carol: Yes?
Scott: Yes, I was looking for a wife. No, I didn't figure on falling... in love.
Carol: You love me? This is all happening so fast.
Scott: Well, there's no pressure.
Carol: Good.
Scott: I just won't deliver the gifts and children everywhere will stop believing, the elves will lose their jobs, the North Pole will disappear and Christmas will be gone.
Abby: Get down on one knee.
Scott: Hm?
Abby: Do it. Now. Say "Carol."
Scott: Carol.
Carol: Uh-huh? Yeah?
Abby: You say this is happening all so fast.
Scott: You say this is happening all so fast.
Abby: But you've known me your whole life.
Scott: But you've known me your whole life.
Abby: When you were little and alone...
Scott: When you were little and alone...
Abby and Scott: Santa--
Scott: [to Abby] I can take it from here. [to Carol] Santa was always there for you. And I will be, as long as you continue to believe in me. I know I'm asking you to leave everything at home, but I can guarantee you that this is worth it. This place... This place is all about magic and love... and wonder. And occasionally, a thin-crust pizza and a movie and a long winter night.
Carol: Is there a school here?
Scott: Yeah, we have one, a school, the elves need a new principal. Cause as of late some of the elves have been acting a bit impish. Carol, I love you.
Carol: You do?
Scott: Will you be my wife?
Abby: I will.
Carol: Thank you. I've got it from here. I will.
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