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Carter: You know what I think? I think you feel sorry for this guy. Maybe Kenji didn't get away in L.A. Maybe you let him go.
Lee: The Yakuza killed his family in Tokyo. He was sent to China when he was seven. He was put in Chenzou, the orphanage where I grew up. We kept each other alive.
Carter: You protected each other and you still protecting him.
Lee: I called him Shoung Dih. He was like my brother. And then, I left him.
Carter: You were adopted. What choice did you have?
Lee: He ended up on the streets. You could never understand.
Carter: I understand. I got a brother, too. My little brother, Perry. We used to be best friends. Now we don't even speak. He thinks I tipped off the cops about the chicken fights in his garage. Can you believe that? My own brother think I'm a snitch. Just because my chicken lost in the semifinals. I didn't even really care.
Lee: Carter.
Carter: He had to fight a chicken that didn't make his weight. And he still went the distance. He had a lot of heart. And he was delicious.
Lee: It's best if I do this on my own. This fight's personal.
Carter: Look, I'm-a help you, man. And I'm-a tell you right now. Whatever Kenji's trying to tell you, it ain't true. He ain't your brother.
Lee: And you're not my brother.
Carter: Fine. I'm not your brother.
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