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View Quote Clarence Boddicker: You probably don't think I'm a very nice guy, do ya?
Murphy: Buddy, I think you're slime.
Clarence Boddicker: See, I got this problem. Cops don't like me. So I don't like cops.
[Boddicker shoots off Murphy's right hand.]
Clarence Boddicker: Well, give the man a hand!
. . .
[Boddicker finishes Murphy off with a shot to the head, then leaves.]
Joe Cox: Good night, sweet prince. Ha ha ha ha ha!
View Quote Dick Jones: I remember when I was a young executive at this company. We used to call the old man funny names. "Iron Butt", "Boner", once I even called him... "asshole". But there was always respect. I always knew where the line was drawn. And you just stepped over it, buddy-boy. You've insulted me. And you've insulted this company with that bastard creation of yours. I had a guaranteed military sale with ED-209. Renovation program. Spare parts for the next decade. Who cares if it worked or not?
Bob Morton: The old man thought it was pretty important... Dick.
Dick Jones: You know... he's a sweet old man. And he means well. But he's not gonna live forever. And I'm number two around here. Pretty simple math, huh, Bob? You just... ****ed with the wrong guy!
Bob Morton: You're out of your ****ing mind!
Dick Jones: You better pray... that that unholy monster of yours doesn't screw up.
View Quote Reporter: Robo, excuse me, Robo! Any special message for all the kids watching at home?
RoboCop: Stay out of trouble.
View Quote RoboCop: Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere, there is a crime happening.
View Quote RoboCop: You're in big trouble!
View Quote The Old Man: Nice shooting, son. What's your name?
RoboCop/Murphy: Murphy.
View Quote [Antonowsky reaches for a shotgun.]
Murphy: Go ahead and do it. Dead or alive, you're coming with me.
View Quote [As Lewis and Murphy chase Boddicker's open truck, he has his men lift another one of them.]
Clarence Boddicker: Can you fly, Bobby?
View Quote [Boddicker kicks the captured Murphy around.]
Clarence Boddicker: Where's your partner? Where's your partner?!
Joe Cox: Well, guys, other one was upstairs. She was swe-e-e-e-e-e-t, um! Um, um. I took her out. Ha ha ha ha ha!
View Quote [Boddicker meets with Sal in the latter's drug factory.]
Clarence Boddicker: I dunno, I dunno, maybe I'm just not making myself clear. I don't want to **** with you Sal, but I've got the connections, I've got the sales organization, I got the muscle to shove enough of this factory so far up your stupid w*p ass, that you'll shit snow for a year!
Sal: Frankie, blow this **** sucker's head off.
[Sal's men pull weapons on Boddicker and his crew, who draw their own weapons.]
Clarence Boddicker: Ooh, guns, guns, guns! Come on, Sal! The Tigers are playing...tonight! I never miss a game.
. . .
[RoboCop bashes his way into the factory.]
RoboCop: Come quietly or there will be trouble.
Steve Minh: Aww, **** you!
View Quote [Boddicker spears RoboCop/Murphy with a sharp metal pole.]
Clarence Boddicker: Sayonara, RoboCop!
View Quote [Clarrence enters Bob Morton's house, draws a gun on him and brings him into his living room, where he notices two women are sitting down.]
Clarence Boddiker: Bitches, leave!
View Quote [Dick Jones directs Kinney to threaten ED-209. Kinney points a gun at the robot.]
ED-209: Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.
Dick Jones: I think you'd better do what he says, Mr. Kinney.
[Alarmed, Kinney quickly tosses the gun away. ED-209 growls menacingly.]
ED-209: You now have 15 seconds to comply.
View Quote [Dick Jones gloats over RoboCop's inability to arrest him because of "Directive 4".]
Dick Jones: Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in shutdown. What did you think... that you were an ordinary police officer? You're our product. And we can't very well have our products turning against us, can we?
View Quote [Former city councilman Ron Miller, holding the mayor hostage, makes demands of the police.]
Ron Miller: And third, I want a recount! And no matter how it turns out, I want my old job back!
Lt. Hedge****: Okay!
Ron Miller: And I want a bigger office! And I want a new car! And I want the city to pay for it all!
Lt. Hedge****: What kind of car, Miller?
Ron Miller: Something with reclining leather seats, that goes really fast, and gets really shitty gas mileage!