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View Quote Angela Ashford: They said I would never get better, just worse.
View Quote Carlos Olivera after killing an Umbrella Guard behind Alice: You missed one.
View Quote Carlos Olivera: We're assets, Nicholai. Expendible assets... and we've just been expended.
View Quote Dr. Isaacs: Project Alice Activated.
View Quote Major Cain: Finish Him!
View Quote Major Cain: You're not mutation, you're evolution!
View Quote Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S...
View Quote Nicholai Ginovaef after killing a Zombie Dog: Stay.
View Quote Yuri Loginova: Bite this!! [Throws a grenade killing a group of zombies]
View Quote Alice: How long ago have you been bitten?
Carlos Olivera: Three hours
L.J.: What?
Alice: Today's your lucky day.
L.J.: [to Carlos] You should have told me you were bitten, mother****er, I'm hanging with you and shit!
View Quote Dr. Ashford: Are you ready to make a deal?
Alice: Do we have a choice?
Dr. Ashford: Not if you want to live past tonight, no.
View Quote Dr. Issacs: Do you remember your name?
[Innumerable scenes flashing across Alice's memory, she screws up her eyes in the pain]
Dr. Issacs: [turns to the other scientists] I want her under full observation, with the strictest security and...
Alice: [Slowly opening up her eyes] My Alice. [Issacs stares at her, intrigued at the remark, Alice smiles ominiously] And I remember everything.
View Quote Jill Valentine: Angela Ashford, huh? Thats a pretty grown-up name for a little girl.
Angela Ashford: I'm not a little girl, besides all my friends call me Angie.
Jill Valentine: Angie, huh? I like that.
View Quote Jill Valentine: How come you know so much about Umbrella?
Alice: I used to work for them.
View Quote Jill Valentine: Those were some pretty slick moves back there. I'm good, but I'm not that good.
Alice: You should be thankful for that.
Jill Valentine: What do you mean?
Alice: They did something to me. I barely feel human anymore.