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Chiun quotes

View Quote Does a nightingale sing?
View Quote He move like a baboon, with two clubbed feet!
View Quote You move like a pregnant yak. Sit.
View Quote You did not ask to be white. So perhaps that is not your fault. You did not ask to be here. Perhaps that is not your fault, either.
View Quote Breathe out... slowly... do not gulp. If you do not breathe correctly, you do not move correctly. Pitiful. I can see the deadly hamburger has done its evil work. We must sweat the poison from your body and rebuild.
View Quote Do you know why Americans call it 'fast food'? Because it speeds them on their way to their graves.
View Quote The trained mind does not need a watch. Watches are a confidence trick invented by the Swiss.
View Quote Professional assassination is the highest form of public service.
View Quote For an apricot, yes. For a head of lettuce, even more so. But for a mountain I am not even begun in years. However, for a man I am just right.
View Quote Fear is nothing more than a feeling. You feel hot. You feel hungry. You feel angry. You feel afraid. Fear can never kill you.
View Quote Purge your mind of fear and believe in yourself. Without that belief, I can do nothing with you.
View Quote Kung Fu, Karate, Ninjitsu... nothing more than shadows. Sinanju is the sun.
View Quote I reloaded.
View Quote (holding broken door handle after surving truck crash) In Korea, door handles do not break.
View Quote [after having run across a span of water to reach a speedboat that Remo is piloting] You must run very fast.
View Quote "Place your hands on top of your head." [Kicks Remo in the crotch] "I did not say to keep them there."
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