N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z #

Chairman Drek: How did this happen? Someone explain it to me! [points to Dr. Nefarious] You! You're supposed to understand how they think! How did you not see this coming? And Victor! [grunts] Do you know how many candidates you beat out for your position? I could have hired the Zeezils Brothers! [Zed enters] It's enough to make me want to vaporize someone! [Zed leaves immediately] We're putting our project on hold. I'm ordering all remaining warbots to the Deplanetizer until the heat dies down. [slams his head down on his desk]
Dr. Nefarious: Before we make any rash decisions, I wonder if you'd permit me to troubleshoot this for you.
Drek: [sighs] Go on.
Nefarious: Our question is simple. How do you destroy a team of heroes?
Victor von Ion: Whoa! Whoa! Well, lots of ways, really. Chains? Knives? Guns? An enormous rock? [Dr. Nefarious stares at Victor in disbelief while Drek lifts his head up, revealing a post-it note with a cat drawn on it stuck to his forehead] Rock!
Nefarious: The answer is "from within"! If we continue to fight them with muscle, we'll lose every time. But if we turn one of their own against them... of course, we'd need a weak link. A sad simpleton who'd believe whatever we tell him. A corruptible... [removes the note from Drek's forehead] ...Moron, but who? [shows a picture of Captain Qwark] Who? [Drek stares, not understanding what Nefarious is getting at] Who?
Drek: Hmm... [Nefarious snaps his fingers and points to the picture, finally getting through to the Blarg] Ah! I'm getting an idea, boys! [laughs evilly]
Nefarious: You're a genius, sir.
Drek: I know, I know!

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