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Quest for Camelot

Quest for Camelot quotes

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Devon and Cornwall the Two-Headed Dragon

View Quote Cornwall: [To Devon] I'm a reptile. [He sticks his tongue out]
View Quote Cornwall: [To Kayley, after Garrett has left the group] Forget about him. You're better off with out him. He walks funny. He talks funny. People throw darts at him.
View Quote Cornwall: But you can call me "Corny", for short. [Meeting Kayley for the first time]
View Quote Devon: [To Cornwall, appalled by his insults against Garrett] How can you be so cold-blooded?
View Quote Devon: [To Cornwall, poking him] Listen, you Jurassic twit! Kayley deserves someone who will love her. [Devon performs the following actions upon Cornwall] Someone... who'll hold her in his arms, [as he squeezes Cornwall's head, the latter's eyes bulge] who'll run his fingers through her hair, [as he runs his fingers across Cornwall's head, which squeak as he does so, he pulls out hair. He pushes his and Cornwall's heads together so their eyes are immediately opposing each other] look deeply in her eyes, [Breaks off the embrace] and make her feel like a real woman! [He kisses Cornwall, but Cornwall splutters and Devon feels nauseous and turns green and they both spit and splutter]
View Quote Devon: Oh. Enchante, mademoiselle. I'm Devon, and this growth on my neck is Cornwall.
View Quote Devon: Well, frankly, we're the reason cousins shouldn't marry. [Explaining why they're "conjoined twin dragons"]
View Quote Bladebeak: We're not going in there, are we?
Minion: Chicken.
Bladebeak: But I got a wife and two eggs at home! Hey, don't leave me here!
View Quote Cornwall: Hey, hey, easy with the stick, buddy.
Garrett: What are you?
Devon: Well, frankly, we're the reason cousins shouldn't marry.
View Quote Devon: [walking through The Ogre's "den" - filled with carcasses - sarcastically and quietly] Charming place. I must get the name of his decorator.
View Quote Garrett: [to Devon and Cornwall, after they have agreed on hating Ruber, resulting in their ability of flight] You're flying.
Devon: Gosh! He's right. We are flying.
Cornwall: I did it! [he puts his arm in a supinated position - showing off his biceps] I'm great. [kisses his biceps twice] I love me! I did it.
[Devon hits him on the head repeatedly] Devon: Excuse me, egomaniac, you mean I did it.
Cornwall: No, no!
[They fall into a mud pool] Garrett: Don't you get it? The only reason you can't fly or breathe fire is because you can't agree on anything. There must be something you can agree on. You both love Kayley, don't you?
[Devon and Cornwall spit out mud, sigh, and look at each other]
View Quote Garrett: Kayley, I must tell you, I knew your father.
Kayley: You did?
Garrett: I used to live in Camelot. [We go to a flashback at Garrett who is younger and works in the stable] I was a stable boy, but I dreamt of becoming a knight. [Later the fire had broke out in one of the stables] One evening, there was a fire. [Garrett opens up the stable doors to free the horses] I rushed to save the horses but, Well. [A Horse accidentally hits Garrett in the eyes, making him fall to the ground in pain] I was hurt. [Garrett tries to see what's happened, but his vision is blurry] At first, all I could see were shapes, then shadows. Finally, my world went black. [Garrett's vision blacks out. In the morning he tries to find himself around when Sir Lionel sees him and grabs a stick] After I lost my sight [Sir Lionel passes Garrett the stick and teaches him the skills] Your father was the only one who still believed in me. He taught me that a knight's strength comes from his heart [Merlin and Ayden watch as Sir Lionel is teaching him] and his loyalty to the Oath of Camelot.
Sir Lionel: United we stand.
Both: Now and forever.
Garrett: Any hope I had of becoming a knight, died with him.
Kayley: I felt that way too, but I knew he would never want me to give up. He wouldn't want you to give up either. You're as good as any knight in Camelot.
Garrett: You really think so?
View Quote Garrett: These tunnels lead to the Round Table.
Kayley: I can't see!
Garrett: Don't worry, I'll be your eyes.
View Quote Garrett: Well, the good news is, we're out of Dragon Country. The bad news is, this is where we say goodbye.
Devon: You can't leave us here! If we try to go back, we'll be banished! Ostracized. Exiled...
Cornwall: Not to mention kicked out.
Kayley: Why?
Cornwall: We just broke the dragons' cardinal rule!
Kayley: Rule?
Devon: What? Never wear brown shoes with the blue suit?
Cornwall: No, you moron. Never help a human.
Garrett: Come on, Kayley. We must make camp before dark.
Devon: Camp?
Kayley: Garrett. Let's take them with us. Please.
Garrett: Oh, I suppose so. But no more singing!
Devon: How about interpretive dance?
[Garrett sighs]
View Quote Kayley: [After Garrett saves her from Ironmen] That was... incredible! How you, smashed those creatures! How you-you avoided that-that-that, thing! You're amazing! You're- [Notices Garrett's not listening to her]
Garrett: [Agrees uncaringly, as he looks over his ruined net] Mmhmm.
Kayley: Not, even, listening to me!
Garrett: Great, took me six weeks to make this net!
Kayley: Net? You saved my life. Thank you.
Garrett: Well, everyone can makes mistakes.
Kayley: Oh, I get it. This is where King Arthur sends his unfunny jesters, right?
Garrett: And now I'll thank you...
Kayley: For what?
Garrett: For reminding me why I'm a hermit! Good day! [Begins to walk away]
Kayley: But wait! What's your name?
Garrett: It's Garrett.
Kayley: I'm Kayley! [Garrett seemingly continues to ignore her by walking on] Garrett! Why won't you look at me when I'm talking to you? ...Oh. Oh, I didn't realize you were...
Garrett: What? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?
Kayley: [Astonished] Blind.
Garrett: [Chuckles lightly and replies sarcastically] ...You know, I always forget that one.