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Rob: [knocking on the door] Hey, Thomas. Look man I don't want to be a dick here or anything, but your friend Oliver came by earlier and told me you guys were having a little party but this is too much.
Thomas: Yeah. We actually should be winding down like midnight, maybe 1. Is that okay?
Rob: No, it's not. I'm sorry. The baby can't sleep and Melinda's gotta be up early for work.
Costa: [walks up] **** yeah! My boy Rob is here to rage! Good to see you, brother.
Rob: Whoa, yeah. Actually I'm not raging, but I'm just telling Thomas it's time to shut it down.
Costa: You can't be serious. This is a great party. What the ****?
Rob: I am serious because it's 11:30 at night and it's time to wrap it up.
J.B.: Hey, hey, hey. Why don't we just bring everyone to the back and lower the volume a bit.
Rob: Guys, this isn't a request! The party's over.
Costa: I guess we're just gonna have to agree to disagree then, aren't we?
Rob: Listen to me. Thomas, either shut it down or I'm calling the cops. Fine, **** it! I'm calling the ****ing cops.
[gets a taser shot by Everett]
Costa: ****! Oh shit!
J.B.: Jesus ****ing Christ! What did you do that for?
Costa: [Rob punches Everett in the face] Are you ****ing kidding me? I will ****ing kill you!
Rob: The little **** tazed me! I'm definitely calling the cops now!
Costa: You punched a kid in the face! I'm calling the cops on your ass now!
Rob: Do it, genius! It's all on tape. I just saw this mother ****er record it right here.
Dax: No, all I got was you punching that little child's face.
Rob: **** you!
Costa: Go home, Robert!

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